What I'm Obsessing Over: ft. Online Stores!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What better way to spend a day where you are just relaxing, drinking tea, coffee (or your favorite beverage!) than to online shop, or in my case-browse. Here are a few things I am LOVING and would like to purchase soon or down the road:

I guess I must not be much of a shopper because until recently, I never really looked at anything on Etsy. Crazy, I know. Buuuuut now I found a new place filled with gems (literally) & goodies! Two etsy stores I have been adoring... both equally cute, and I am dying to buy some of their pieces! First up is from Muse411 (all items below are found here). These pieces are so dainty and feminine. I feel like such a girly girl looking at these! 
Top left: earrings. Top right: bracelet.
Bottom left: necklace. Bottom middle: small hoop earrings. Bottom right: necklace. 

Next is the etsy store Wildsprout Design. All of these items can be found here! These bags are way. too. cute! There is even a diaper bag, that I would have no problem using as a regular bag (does that make me weird?). Take a look at these and tell me you aren't in love!
Loving these!

Clothes are next... one store I would buy almost everything made is Nasty Gal. They make the most up to date pieces I feel! Some of their stuff is so pricey though so you have to contain yourself : ) These items can be found here! Here are a few things I am obsessing over right now:
  The best summer pieces! I would love wearing the lace coverup/dress over my coral bathing suit! The mint dress is also definitely a piece I would buy on impulse.

Lastly... I am a makeup girl. For a long time now I have eyed these things from MAC, but it can just be so expensive! Here are a few things I am basically drooling over: 
 Top from left to right: Fleur Power Blush. Lipstick in Please Me. Lipstick in Lustering. Select Cover-Up Concealer. Bottom from left to right: Eyeshadow in Stars 'N Rockets. Lustreglass in Pinkarat. Mineralize SkinFinish Natural. Lipstick in Creme de la Femme. 

So what are you girls obsessing over right now? Would you like to try any of these items? 

Ehhh- Any Suggestions?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today is one of those days. Not a bad day, not even a slightly bad day! It's just a day I want to blog, and have no idea what to say. My blog isn't set up to blog about only this or that specifically, it's a blog. It's M.I.N.E. So really I can post about whatever. But sometimes I just feel like it's not interesting. Sometimes I feel like no one will read it, because I don't get a lot of feedback! Which is completely fine for posts such as this (whining, being a debby-downer), but some days I just want more feedback for doing future posts such as: product reviews (beauty, skincare, fitness, etc.) that my followers would like to know more about! I also am always ready to hear any suggestions for improving my blog, meeting new bloggers, or giving other blogs more exposure (to my few but greatly appreciated followers!) I know this post is going nowhere fast, but hey, sometimes it just happens! If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, product reviews, or just want to talk, comment below, tweet me or email me! I love talking!

email: kelseylenay@hotmail.com
   Something pretty to end the post with : )

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