Floral Body Con Skirt Outfit!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a quick outfit post, that in my opinion was cute (I sure hope so!). It is super simple, and I am sure if you like the general idea of the outfit, you could re-create it. This was the first time I have tied my top in years (maybe when I was a little girl I did?). I feel like it is so simple, yet adds something to your outfit, as well as changes the fit of your top My white tank top that I tied has an awkward fit, but when I tie it, I loved it! The shoes... ahh just act like you can't see them! I was staying at my aunts house, and in the rush to pack to go there, I just left my plain flip flops on : (  Here are some shots of my outfit, and I have to thank my brother Caleb for taking outfit photos, yet again! Also, I always have a lot of pictures. Not only is it because I can't decide which ones to use, but I also appreciate the time my brother takes to take the pictures for me, so I try to use them all, I hope you don't mind!

White tank: American Eagle. Pink cami: Wet Seal. Body con skirt: Forever 21. Awkward pose showing off tie: priceless ; )

IGNORE those shoes! Ugh!

Okay... kill me for posing. I have always had this dream of modeling ever since I was like 10. A lot of girls have this dream I am sure! At least I can sort of live out my dream haha.

Not the best photo of me, but seriously, how pretty is the light coming in from the side? I love sunshine! I also just love how the tied top gives more of a beachy or boho look to the outfit. A little right? Okay, maybe it's just me!

The little circle over my eye was natural. Again one of those pictures that gets a little something extra from the sun, so I have to use it! 

Alright, to be honest I wasn't going to use this, because I already have so many pictures in this post! Buuuuut I had to show you all a peak of my aunts house. It is so classy, beautiful inside. I love this rooms wall paper, and furniture. It is SO pretty! I always feel so proper in that room ha

Okay, I hope this makes you laugh. The cats and dogs WOULD NOT leave me alone. The cat kept jumping on me. Uncomfortable smile in left picture, getting frustrated. Right picture: looking at the dog, talking to him, asking him to give me a few minutes to take the dang pictures! haha. I have like 12 pictures including the creeping animals.

Well that is  it for this post. Expect more posts where I tye my top... I think I may have fell in love with what a simple change you do! Have you done anything small that just makes you adore your outfit so much more? 

Want 10% off makeup brushes, makeup, etc?!

Then use this code! Using AP2012 on Sigma's site will allow you to take 10% off your purchase! Yay! So if you want some brushes, blush or eyeshadow palletes, I think it would be worth it to look into it : ) 

Click HERE!  to go right to the website ladies! If your purchase something, let me know what deals you got! I love talking to you all! <3

The Sunday Social

Hai there everyone! Happy Sunday : ) Today is the first time I am going to be a part of The Sunday Social and this week it is music themed questions, so here it goes...

 1. What is your all-time favorite song?
Well this is hard! It is probably "All the Same" by The Sick Puppies. It is a really great song and it has a feel-good music video. 

2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
 I can't pick just one! Lady Antebellum, Skrillex, Adele.
I have a really diverse taste in music, from blue grass, to rap, to metal!

3. What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?
I would have to say "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato... it's a beautiful song and is about overcoming the tough stuff. There is so much more meaning behind it but I think that song could describe my life well. 

4. What songs put you in a good mood?
"Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris
"Levels" by Avicii
"Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles
"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen 
"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida ft. Sia
"She Takes Me High" by We the Kings

5. What is your favorite roadtrip music?
Probably all the songs that would put me in a good mood that I listed above!& some bluegrass : )

6. What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
"Boyfriend" by Justin Beiber... so many people like it though! It is catchy haha. 

-That is it for this weeks Sunday Social! I had fun doing this so I will have to link-up again next week to do it! Go link up with Ashley and Neely

What I'm Obsessing Over: ft. Online Stores!

What better way to spend a day where you are just relaxing, drinking tea, coffee (or your favorite beverage!) than to online shop, or in my case-browse. Here are a few things I am LOVING and would like to purchase soon or down the road:

I guess I must not be much of a shopper because until recently, I never really looked at anything on Etsy. Crazy, I know. Buuuuut now I found a new place filled with gems (literally) & goodies! Two etsy stores I have been adoring... both equally cute, and I am dying to buy some of their pieces! First up is from Muse411 (all items below are found here). These pieces are so dainty and feminine. I feel like such a girly girl looking at these! 
Top left: earrings. Top right: bracelet.
Bottom left: necklace. Bottom middle: small hoop earrings. Bottom right: necklace. 

Next is the etsy store Wildsprout Design. All of these items can be found here! These bags are way. too. cute! There is even a diaper bag, that I would have no problem using as a regular bag (does that make me weird?). Take a look at these and tell me you aren't in love!
Loving these!

Clothes are next... one store I would buy almost everything made is Nasty Gal. They make the most up to date pieces I feel! Some of their stuff is so pricey though so you have to contain yourself : ) These items can be found here! Here are a few things I am obsessing over right now:
  The best summer pieces! I would love wearing the lace coverup/dress over my coral bathing suit! The mint dress is also definitely a piece I would buy on impulse.

Lastly... I am a makeup girl. For a long time now I have eyed these things from MAC, but it can just be so expensive! Here are a few things I am basically drooling over: 
 Top from left to right: Fleur Power Blush. Lipstick in Please Me. Lipstick in Lustering. Select Cover-Up Concealer. Bottom from left to right: Eyeshadow in Stars 'N Rockets. Lustreglass in Pinkarat. Mineralize SkinFinish Natural. Lipstick in Creme de la Femme. 

So what are you girls obsessing over right now? Would you like to try any of these items? 

Ehhh- Any Suggestions?

Today is one of those days. Not a bad day, not even a slightly bad day! It's just a day I want to blog, and have no idea what to say. My blog isn't set up to blog about only this or that specifically, it's a blog. It's M.I.N.E. So really I can post about whatever. But sometimes I just feel like it's not interesting. Sometimes I feel like no one will read it, because I don't get a lot of feedback! Which is completely fine for posts such as this (whining, being a debby-downer), but some days I just want more feedback for doing future posts such as: product reviews (beauty, skincare, fitness, etc.) that my followers would like to know more about! I also am always ready to hear any suggestions for improving my blog, meeting new bloggers, or giving other blogs more exposure (to my few but greatly appreciated followers!) I know this post is going nowhere fast, but hey, sometimes it just happens! If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, product reviews, or just want to talk, comment below, tweet me or email me! I love talking!

email: kelseylenay@hotmail.com
   Something pretty to end the post with : )

My Favorite Youtuber's [Part One]

Hi there! Since this is going to be a super long post, let me just get to it! This is part one of my favorite people to watch on youtube, whether they are into beauty, fashion, or everyday life videos, here they are in no particular order:

1) Ashley Sander: Alhsander
Where you can find her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/alhsander
Why I love her: She is a beautiful momma to a little girl, military wife, and does beauty and fashion videos. She also vlogs her life every now and then, and those videos are absolutely adorable! I have so much respect for the men and women in the military, and to be the spouse of someone serving, I respect them just as much! 

2) Annie: AnnieJaffrey

Where you can find her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AnnieJaffrey

Why I love her:  She is a natural beauty with many tips on some of her videos on using products with less harsh chemicals and more beneficial ingredients. She has a great fashion sense and has a blog too! [http://www.anniejaffrey.com/]


3) Jesse & Jeana: BFvsGF

Where you can find them: http://www.youtube.com/user/BFvsGF

Why I love them: They are an awesome couple with a great sense of humor and a cute cat named Nylah! They now do daily vlogs about their life, as well as pranks on each other (at any moment!) You can find their pranks at http://www.youtube.com/user/PrankvsPrank. Jesse also served in the military, and as I said before, I completely respect those that do!


4) Megan: ciaoobelllaxo

Where you can find her: http://www.youtube.com/user/ciaoobelllaxo

Why I love her: She is a peppy youtuber who does videos mainly about beauty products and makeup. She began a vlog channel where you can see her family, her cute little sister, and her boyfriend Brandon! (They are such a cute couple by the way! Her vlog channel is : http://www.youtube.com/user/LaVitaDiMeg/feed


5) Alli & Charles: CTFxC

Where you can find them: http://www.youtube.com/user/CTFxC?feature=watch

Why I love them: Why wouldn’t I?! They have been vlogging their life EVERY single day for four years! I have only been watching their videos probably about a year, but I did try to catch up on some of their old videos. Charles now plays for the band We The Kings, so you get to see a bit of the world as he is on tour! Alli is usually at home with her 2 cute dogs, and vlogs her life as Charles is away. Can this get any longer? YES! Charles recently found out he had a brain tumor & had brain surgery to have it removed. He recovered, but did I mention even with his brain surgery he managed to still record his life?! Dedication! Love them!


6) Hailee: Hayyy023

Where you can find her: http://www.youtube.com/user/hayyy023

Why I love her: She is an energetic, funny, down to earth sweet girl! She recently just turned 21 (random I know) and got engaged… uhm check out her vlog from the day she got engaged to her now fiancé Stefan. My goodness it is SO cute! (Find her vlog channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/HangingwithHayyy) She does beauty videos!


7) Leighann: Leighannsays

Where you can find her: http://www.youtube.com/user/leighannsays

Why I love her: She is such a goofball! (in a good way!) You can tell her viewers really support her and like how authentic she is. She does beauty videos, as well as showing some of her outfits.


 I hope you enjoy my post, and check out some of these youtubers!


Multi-trend Top and a Quote!

An outfit post...
with many pictures : )

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. "
-Audrey Hepburn

Tank top: JcPenny; Shorts: American Eagle
Sandals: Wetseal

That is all for my outfit photos, but here is a cute picture of my brother (who took these pictures) posing! He made his sweatshirt that he is wearing!

: ) Caleb.
How do you feel about the high-low trend in clothing? Or, the shark bite trend? My tank incorporates both! With a back lower than the front, as well as the "shark bite" in the front giving it longer sides and a shorter front!
-I am wearing a bathing suit underneath my outfit, if you can see the stripes under my tank, that is what is visible! I did not want to change out of it yet but wanted to take the photos!


Hi beauties! How is everyone doing? It feels like it has been awhile since I last posted! I was pretty busy the past two weeks with final exams, and then moving home for the summer until my new apartment complex is built (can't wait because that place is going to be GORGEOUS!). Here I am though, with a quick wrap post on...family! Well-sort of. Last night I went night fishing with my grandpa (pappa), brother (Cameron), and cousin (Kyleigh). We were wanting to catch catfish, but obviously any bites would have been fine. Let me just put out there that I do not eat/like fish. So I was going for the fun family time! Within the first five minutes of being at the lake, I had got a nibble on my line. I was excited; reeled it in and I had a small catfish (really small... smaller than a banana-weird comparison? ha). I WANTED a picture of it for blogging and memory purposes but my pappa threw it back into the lake because his line had gotten tangled in mine & did not realize it was a photo opportunity [whoops]. I did not catch anymore fish that night, but I did get some nibbles on my line! My poor grandpa didn't catch anything, nor did my brother. Kyleigh got a few bites, and she was the one that was the least interested in fishing! It was so funny though, and I think we all had a good time. We kept singing older songs, mainly bluegrass or old country. It sounded like a hillbilly mix tape live! The best song was probably "Fishin' in the Dark" by Nitty Gritt Dirt Band. That's right passerby-ers... don't mind us, we are all just reminiscing butchering ever song that comes to mind : ) I thought it would be fun to share a few of the pictures we took (taken with Kyleigh's iPhone because my phone was dead!)

I was not aware they were being goofy : ( Darn.

 My pole and my grandpas'. 

My pappa and I!

Right before I caught the big one! [or extremely small one].

How pretty!

I could stare at this for days!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, although it is not completely over yet!
Do any of you like to go fishing?

Retail Therapy

So lets see... what do I do when I get stressed or upset...just guess! Yoga? Dance? Nope... S-h-o-... did you figure it out? SHOPPING! Sephora may or may not have had a full month of deals this last month; I just so happened to take them up on one of their special offers! When they offered a Dior sample set with any order, I JUMPED on it. Yep-jumped. Here are the things I bought [and I am only showing this because it's super fast for me! Hopefully you all enjoy shopping posts : ) ] **Warning: a lot of pictures!

Does anyone else feel like it's Christmas when you get a package in the mail? 
(Sorry this is so washed out!)

Save that tissue paper! This kind is a decent one for making your own 
oil blotting sheets that I wrote about here.

The samples I got! Gucci Flora perfume, Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick, Korres Mattifying Primer, Dior Tattoos (I won't be using those ha), Dior Skin Boosting Super Serum, Murad Oil Control Moisturizer, and DiorShow Eyelash Primer. 

 Some of the products out of package.

I put the Mac lipstick in the photo for a size comparison. The lipstick I received as sample is a decent size. Definitely not full size, but I would compare its size to the Original Softlips Lip Balm if you know what that is!

Both nail tools were only $3! Could not pass that up. I also bought a mineral blush (Sephora Brand), eyeshadow palette (Sephora Brand) and a Baked Powder Foundation (Sephora Brand). Since my Laura Mercier Powder is quickly running out, I was looking for a cheaper alternative... but sadly, NOTHING compares!

Opened packing! The eyeshadow palette, foundation, and blush.

Blush swatches; the fair right, more pigmented swatch is both shades mixed! Very nice blush : )

A cheesy shot with the Dior Lipstick. It is actually a shade that is between red & pink. I have it on very lightly, and it still is pigmented. Such a nice quality lipstick, and it makes me want a real, full sized one (in a different shade!) which is bad, since they are so expensive! However, even after the shine from the lipstick has wore off, a stain of color is still left on your lips. 

I dyed my hair also, can you tell? : )

[[“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” -Tammy Faye Bakker ]]


Psssstt A Fellow Blogger is Doing an AWESOME Giveaway!

Do you like jewelry? How about the new "arm candy" trend going around? If yes to either, go check out the gorgeous Emily at The Sweetest Thing! She is doing a giveaway, and her blog is is adorable! If you want to be entered, go check it out... and maybe read through some of her past posts, as I always find them enjoyable : )


Pastels, Bright Colors, and Miscellaneous!

Hello Lovelies! With all of the trends in fashion right now, and the fact that I happen to be loving two of them in particular, I decided to do a quick post of what I really like : )

Untitled #1
Bright and pastel dresses!

Untitled #2
Bright & pastel tops!

Untitled #3
Jeans, shorts, skirts, and miscellaneous.
Untitled #4
An outfit I put together that I adore!

Do any of these items catch your eye? What trends are you loving?