Sunday Social!

1. What do you miss most about being a kid?
Hmm...not having so much "stuff" to worry about; also, not really having to study! (Since I am currently still in college).

2. Did you have a nickname growing up? What was it?
Kelser-nay-nay, Eachabooga, Kelser-meister, Kels, Nay-nay, Boogerbutt? (I asked my mom on this one, apparently my grandpa called me that?)...I am sure there is more but I can't remember!

3. What was your favorite thing to do at recess?
In elementary, I just remember walking around the playground with a group of girls, talking. We all liked to swing on the swings a lot, or sit at the picnic tables!

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Doctor, nurse, cop, CHEF, model... about 500 other things, haha. 
5. What was your favorite toy?
Barbies, Bratz dolls, and things to play "school" or "doctor". My older sister and I liked to act things out like that!

6. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about?
You don't. want. to. know. I think it crosses the line as being too funny, and too gross haha. So you may ask the second funniest? My mom says that one time I was very sleepy, and eating, and my head fell straight down into my food. wasn't funny at the time, but "it is now"-she said every time I didn't get my way, I would beat my head against the floor or table.
Not me, haha. Too cute though.

How was everyone's weekend? I hope to get another post up tonight, if I can get back to my apartment at a decent time (I drove home for the weekend!).
Xo, Kels


My stressful week with three exams is now over-next up, driving home to visit my family for the weekend! What is everyone else up to this weekend?

Xo, Kels

Sunday Social!

 What is something you have wanted to do but are afraid of?
-Start a youtube channel for beauty, fashion, and everyday life. I have wanted to for years, ever since I started watching youtube “gurus” and “vloggers”, but I am nervous how I would be at it, or if anyone would even be interested!
 Jesse and Jeana "vlogging". Adore  their channel! 
Judy and Benji's vlogs...
Ashley's beauty videos!

After watching videos for years, and seeing so much of these normal peoples lives, it can give you a sense of friendship-I don't know how to explain it, weird? You tell me. I mean, I guess it is like following other peoples blogs and feeling like you know them! Highly recommend checking them out! Also, if  you want, check out my youtube channel where you can see my playlists, and follow along with the videos I watch! "klenay92" is my channel.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
-Graduated from college, working on the neonatal floor as an RN. Married, and happy!
3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012?
-Holidays, spending more time with family, getting through this semester of college!

4. What are your hopes for your blog?
–That it continues to grow and stays at least semi-interesting for those that want to read it. I really do love being contacted by other bloggers, and new followers! It is so fun to find people you can relate to, or have a few laughs with. I think blogging is amazing.
5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city? –Really not sure on that one. It depends on the need for RN’s in this location, as well as my significant others situation. I like Cincinnati, but ehhh… I have always wanted to live in Tennessee or Kentucky, or-closer to my hometown.

6. What is your morning routine?
-The time I wake up differs, depends on what day it is and what classes I have! I always:
1) Eat breakfast (usually cereal and coffee with fruit or yogurt). 2) Look at the weather for the day, so I can decide what I will be sporting, get distracted and look at blogs. 3) Put on makeup, avoid doing hair [what can I say…I like to leave it in its natural straight state! Oh, and I’m lazy] 4) Get dressed; pack up all my books for the day. 5) Grab a water bottle and head out the door! 6) Walk 8 minutes to classes (I live right by my medical campus!)
I hope anyone that stumbles across my blog from the link-up will say hello! 
Have a good Sunday everyone : )
Xo, Kels

Apple Pie Sandwiches?


Why must things like this exist, when I am trying to study?

and this? Apple pie sandwiches. MMM. I am not even hungry, but apparently looking at food on pinterest is the better option right now. Three exams this coming week, and I am NOT looking forward to them. But, I got something exciting in the mail today! Hopefully ya'll will be seeing it in a post soon : ) I think you'll like it! Besides being swamped with college girl things, I have been missing from here because my internet at my apartment complex went out, for two days. It's back, but keeps cutting in and out, so I can't get anything productive done. Booooo to you internet provider.

I am still not hungry by the way. 
Also, still not digging how I will be going back to studying after this...
Live it up for me this weekend everyone, live it up.
Xo, Kelsey

**Update picture: I figured I would give a BIG hint at what I am excited about from the mail...
 I think this may give it away ;)

Remembrance & an Update (Heatless Hairstyle?)

Today is a day everyone should always remember, and take the time to think of those that lost their lives, or families that lost loved ones. In one of my classes today, we had a moment of silence. I can't help but always tear up, or even cry, when 9/11 is mentioned. I don't want to get too somber or be a downer, so I won't stay on this subject too long, but I really reflect on everything that happened that day, and what has happened since-and I hope everyone else does too, even for the simple act of realizing life is beautiful, and you do not know how much time you have, so make every day count.

On a much lighter note, I just wanted to quickly post what I have been up to. I know it may get boring reading over and over that all I do is homework and reading for classes, but really, that is what my life consists of, even on the weekends. I thought maybe, just maybe, this year of college would be a little easier-nope! 140 some pages to read for one class, in one night, when you have 3 other chapters for other classes to read, is not easy. I try my best to post as often as possible, and I know no one is expecting me to post all the time! I just miss it honestly! I love posting and hearing from followers, as well as getting new followers to talk to! Speaking of talking to you... I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in how I did this look:
No hairspray, mouse, straighteners, curling irons, or any heat products were used to do this!
How about now? This was after two full days of wearing my hair this way. No touch-ups, still no hairspray, and still no heat tools! I had also brushed through the curls with a wide-toothed comb (I was about to shower). My hair is naturally straight, so there is a technique I would like to tell you all about!
If anyone would like to see how I did this, email, tweet, or comment me and I will do a post if requested!
XO, Kelsey

My Self-Tanner Recommendations!

self-tanning, self-tan
a.  Cosmetic substance applied to the skin to simulate a suntan
{According to}

Who likes a tan? ME. Who sometimes likes the warmth of the sun shining down on you, as you sip some sweet tea? ME. But who knows better than to bake in the sun? Again, me. Since I am so afraid of getting skin cancer, 

the past few years I realized I wanted a healthy tan. I could still look bronzed and glowing, without, hopefully, all the risks. So let’s look at my picks for self-tanners!
L’oreal Sublime  Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee

This stuff really gives a nice color. It goes on smoothly, and gives you just enough time to spread evenly. PROS: It is affordable, around $8.00-10.00 depending on where you go. Using rubber gloves to apply it and protect your palms from turning orange works well. CONS: The smell is a bit strong, not sure how to explain it. After it dries, and you let it sit on your skin, certain parts of your body can start to feel sticky, like your chest. Overall, I would definitely recommend this! I can't find any photos of me after application of this product, sorry!

L’oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes 

These tan towels were the first type of self-tanner I used, when I was in eighth grade. So it has been awhile, but I know how awesome they are! They are basically just “baby wipes” with a clear, liquid product. It feels moist, and really gives you a great tan. A general rule I believe when dealing with any self tanner is to always exfoliate skin before application.Not RIGHT before application, but at least a few hours before. The same goes with having moisturized skin-you want nice, moist skin, with no dry patches, but applying lotion needs to be hours before application, so it can soak in!  With that being said, as long as you apply your self tanner carefully and follow the instructions, this product will not be streaky. PROS: Affordable [$10.00-$12.00], Decent citrus scent, lasts about a week, SUPER easy to apply. CONS: While it is affordable, I really wish the towels were bigger, because sometimes I need two towels for my whole body, not just one. I also have a harder time tracking this one down at stores. I do recommend this product. I do not have any pictures of myself (that I can track down and know for sure) that I am wearing this product.

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid

This is the self-tanner I used basically for a year straight. It’s a liquid (as it says) self tanner, which sprays out as a sort of mist. Mine came with a mitt for easy application, and a pair of rubber gloves. (I bought mine on Amazon). It gives you a nice, natural tan. Not orange, not oompa-loompa, but a brown, sunkissed tan! I was really impressed with this product. PROS: It smells amazing, sort of cocanutty-but beachy? Just something I don’t mind at all having on my skin! Having the mitt helps to rub the product in to your skin, which may help some who have trouble with streaky self-tanner. The price is not bad for the quality ($24.99 on the product site) and it dries quickly so you don’t have to wait forever to put your clothes back on! The self-tan lasts about a week or more, depending on if you like to exfoliate a lot. I used it on my face, and it did not cause any breakouts. CONS: The only issue I had was that sometimes, the mitt absorbed too much product, so I felt like I was wasting. However, I often used the rubber gloves instead, so I corrected that problem: ) I would highly, highly recommend this! They also sell an “airbrush” version, which I think would apply a lot easier, as well as face self-tanners, which I would love to try. If you think you would be interested, check out their site and look at all they have to offer (this is NOT sponsored at all, I just love their product!) Fake Bake!
This was taken probably 3 days after application of this product. 

Hawaiian Tropic Cream Island Radiance Self-Tanner 

Okay, I don’t want to spend too much time on this one. Overall, not the product for my skin type, or tone.  It is so moisture rich that I feel uncomfortable trying to sleep with it on. I used it last night, and even after rubbing it in FORVER and letting it soak in for an hour before bed, I still had to put a pillow between my legs when I went to bed because I couldn’t stand the feeling of the sticky/lotion-y feeling of each leg touching another. Don’t get me wrong; I have heard wonderful things about this! It gives a light amount of color to me after one use, but I would recommend this to paler skin types, or for those who plan on applying it 2 or 3 days straight to get the desired color. Also, I have normal skin on my body, not dry, nor oily. I think this product works well for someone with dry/super dry skin. It really is like a luxurious moisturizer, I have never came across such moisture (haha). I do not use it on my face (I have more of an oil prone face-so I’m not about to put this stuff on it!) so I am not sure if it would cause breakouts. I will recommend this to paler skin types, with dry skin, but otherwise, like I said-not for me. I have saw a price range of about $9.00-$13.00. I don't have any pictures of me sporting this one!

Sun Goddess Sunless Tanning Lotion “Dark” 

Between the Fake Bake Flawless, and this one, I think I have my two favorite self-tanners. Let me just tell you, this bad boy, gives you such a believable tan. Its formula is dark. Really dark-like it looks like chocolate syrup-and has a bit of a green tone in it. But that my friends, is what I {think} makes it different from other self-tanners. It has never turned me orange once. Just a great, tanned color is what I end up with every time I use it. PROS: Tan lasts about 7-10 days for me, depending on if I exfoliate or not. I do use it on my face, and it has not broken me out. It smells amazing! Okay, okay. If you sniff right down in the bottle, gross, it smells super strong and you will be like “Well, Kelsey lied.” Don’t do that. Once it is on your skin, it has been rubbed in, and you are a happy camper with your developing tan, you’ll know what I mean. It doesn’t turn into that gross self-tanner smell. If anything, it smells better the longer it is on your skin. Not sure what to label the smell, just YUMMY! CONS: It is a little pricey ($38.95 for an 8oz bottle)-but, since it lasts so long on your skin, and gives such great color; I think it would be worth it. Also, I am not sure if it was a “user error” or what, but I could never get the pump on mine to work : ( I have never tried too much to fix it, so maybe it is my mistake, or I just got a bum pump. Either way, I still highly recommend this!*
I had applied this product to myself about 2 days prior to this being taken.

I hope this was helpful to everyone, let me know your favorite self tanner! Also, I should have a post up shortly about how to make your own gradual-self-tanner. Keep an eye out!
XO, Kels

*I was sent this product for free, months and months ago. I was not expected to review it, these are my honest opinions!