The Crazy Weekend Shenanigans

Or lack thereof. Hey thereeeee! This past weekend wasn't anything special...but I kind of like it that way. I like big, exciting weekends sprinkled here and there-but a nice lazy/relaxed weekend is also a luxury around here! I "moved" back to my hometown this past Thursday, and plan to stay here until classes start up again in August. I still have my apartment in Cincinnati, but because I have two jobs lined up at home, I think it is best to just be here. That doesn't mean that I won't be driving back to my apartment every now and then to clean and hang out with friends there! If there is one thing I have learned since having my own apartment it is that no matter how independent you felt before you had your own place, you are going to feel a lot more independent once you settle in. Now that I am back at my moms house for the time being, I just feel weird. Anyone else with me? So bringing a few things to my hometown and unpacking was a majority of my weekend. On Saturday, I did a bit of picture takin'. Now, in no way do I think I am a pro, or even semi-pro...but if I have the time and a good camera to take some pictures for fun, why not? I did some pictures for my sister and her fiance, and even though it's nothing professional, I still got a text from my sister saying:
That made me smile. A lot. Here are a couple pictures from that day :)
Not yet edited.
Why I am glad we took a few hours to do pictures. This. Right here. No pressure, just having fun and being around each other! This was after my niece stepped in goose poop. Yep, goose poop. She wasn't even that mad! haha. Obviously it was better for all of us to laugh before we helped her clean it off ;) She also ditched her button up shirt...typical 7 year old!
So in love with this. Ilauna and her mommy. To me it just shows so much love! Ilauna and her mom were just talking and it started getting a little breezy, and she just reached up and did that...and then my heart just melted.

I have so many others, but here are just a few of my totally amateur shots! After I took the pictures, I edited for awhile, and eventually I went to bed to get some sleep for.... Sunday. Back to work time! I started back at the restaurant I have worked at for years, and I also decided to take a second job! I will be enrolled in an online class this summer as well, so I might just be little miss busy over here, but I know I will still be making time for this blog! I can't say my weekend was too eventful, but I definetely still had fun! As much as I talk about weather on here, I am sure you know I will be enjoying this warmer weather Ohio is getting! Make sure to link up with Sami so I can read about your weekend too!

Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey

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Rock Your Hair by Michael O' Rourke Hair Products

Hey ladies! (and gents?) I have a fun little review for you! About a month ago, I was asked if I would like to give the "Rock Your Hair" line a try, which is a hair product line by Michael O'Rourke. Since I am someone that needs to know all the details, I looked into who exactly this Michael person was. A few things I learned:

1) He is a celebrity hairstylist
2) He also created the well-known "Sexy Hair" line (wait, what?)
3) He was recently given the NAHA (North American Hairdressing Awards) lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the professional beauty industry over the last 50 years.
4) A portion of all Rock Your Hair sales go towards supporting shelters for abused and battered women and helping them to start their lives again. (Well, you won me over. Love when companies try to make a difference).

Okay, after learning those three things I would be silly not to give something a try (literally nothing to lose). I emailed back and said I would like to try it out, and possibly review it. Here we are a month later, and I think I have tried the products for long enough to get a feel of how they really work! Below I will give a rundown of the full what I think about the products I got to try (for free-but I am not being compensated for this! Heck, they probably think I forget all about them because I waited so long to do this!)

I believe the shampoo and conditioner are sample sizes, while the rest are full size! Also, the packaging is a bit more pink; my lighting was off in this!

Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump: This product description is: "Aerosol Spray Mousse that creates volume from the root without weighing down ends. Humidity resistant formula that protects against dry & brittle hair". My take?

-Smells amazing. For me, I didn't think all the products in the line smell the same, but I don't know if they are even supposed to. In my opinion, this almost has a fresh cucumber scent, which I love! I have pretty fine hair, and I think this did a nice job adding a little extra volume. I did not blow dry my hair while using this though, but I did have my hair pulled up so my roots would have a chance to not dry flat. The volume I did get doing this seemed to hold pretty well.

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray: The product description for this: "#1 AWARD WINNER! Customer Top Rated! Get Bigger, Thicker, Fuller Hair! Fast Drying formula locks in volume and keeps humidity out. Firm, flexible, workable hold with long lasting memory that adds instant shine.
No flaking or stiffness".
My take? -Definitely makes your hair shiny, I would totally agree with this. The holding power is great, and I didn't have problems with flaking or stiffness. However, it wasn't a "soft to touch" feeling either...if you are used to that in your product, you may have to get used to this. Not crunchy by any means, but if I were to run my fingers through my hair, I would know it is there. I used it for holding my "beachy" (which were still nice and beachy at the end of the day) as well as for spraying down annoying flyaways when my hair was pulled back.

Bombshell Big Hair Powder: The product description: "Get Bigger, Thicker, Fuller Hair! Backcomb In A Bottle with a Rockin' Fragrance. Explode lifeless hair, instant lift and volume. Lightweight formula, thickens hair. Talc & Micah based powder that liquefies to provide boost, shine and texture". My take?
-No idea who came up with the volume powder, but hey, it works. I am not one to tease or backcomb my hair, because I don't want to cause too much damage. If you are like me, then a product like this is nice! I found that it still added volume without backcombing, so I am almost positive that you would get amazing volume if you did tease your hair. I applied this directly to my roots, and sort of rubbed it in and then used my fingers to push my roots up. I also applied it to my hands/fingertips and massaged it in that way, and found that both techniques work. It is a really fine powder, almost silky in texture. Whoever was the first person to come up with this sort of product. you are awesome.

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner: The product description for the shampoo: "Fine, Flat, Thin, Limp Hair? Call Me!!! Provides luxurious volume without depleting moisture or fading color.
Vitamin enriched for strength and ultimate shine. Sulfate and Paraben Free formula is safe for all hair types".
Conditioner: "Weightless Conditioner that delivers maximum body, volume, and lift.
Sulfate and Paraben Free, Color Safe formula. Great for all Hair Types that need conditioning without the added weight".
My Take?
-Love! Give this a try ladies! Points for making it paraben and sulfate free! The scent that I am picking up for these is fresh/floral, and I think that is pretty accurate. To be honest, at first I didn't know if I would like this. It seemed to lather up differently than I was used to, but thinking back, I have had the same issue with other sulfate free shampoos (anyone have information about this?!) The second time I used this, I lathered the shampoo in my hands first, making sure to spread it out, then I worked it into my hair. I have really oily roots, that seem to get oily in hours. I do think the shampoo sort of staved off the oil for longer than normal. My hairstylist did tell me that volumizing shampoos would be more likely to do that. Long story short? This is good for oily haired ladies, or those that don't want your roots to be weighed down with heavy products.

Miracle Leave in Conditioner: The product description states: "Rock your best hair yet -Shinier, stronger, healthier hair -Soy, wheat and oat proteins to reinforce hair from shaft to ends -Replenishes moisture and shine to dry, color treated and chemically processed hair -Tangle tamer for all hair types". My take?
-Seems to do well at moisturizing hair, as well as detangling and adding shine. I can't say I noticed stronger hair, but it would not be fair for me to tell you one thing or another concerning that part of the description because I did not always use this leave in conditioner consistently. You will see below the outcome of using the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner! Also, the scent on this is a bit stronger than the rest of the products.

After using the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner. I let my hair air-dry, and this is the outcome. 

Those are after straightening my hair. I used flash with the right picture. Definitely shiny and soft! Judge don't judge my face-making in the right picture...I obviously don't know how to take a picture!

I would recommend this line to anyone, especially those who want some extra volume, or have oilier hair. I didn't have any problems with any skin reactions, product build up, or anything like that. I do think this is a good brand, and would say that if you like the Sexy Hair brand, then I know you will like this! It has about the same price point, so if you are willing to pay for the salon brands, this would be a good match for you! The packaging is cute, the sizes are nice, and the results are great, so thank you Rock Your Hair for letting me try this out!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

Clothing for Transitioning from Winter to Spring

If you have had my states luck with weather, then you have experienced a not so smooth transition from one season to another, but hey, that's Ohio for you. It's not a big deal, but it is a little rocky for my wardrobe. One day, it is 80 degrees, and the next it is in the 40's or lower. Luckily, I have a few pieces that I know I can rely on for the awkward transition, ups & downs with temperature, or the days that I wake up to 40 degree weather and end the day in the 70's. These are just a few suggestions I have (and I am sure you are all aware of them) but I have a little post for you nonetheless! Also, it is officially finals week here, so this will be my last post until next Thursday or Friday, but you know I will be reading blogs in my free time!

1) Dresses with tights: I think a few of you might have guessed this was going to be on my list, as I did an outfit post with a summer dress and patterned tights recently! Not only can you get a little wear out of a piece you may not have been able to wear until summer, but you also can stay warm! I love that the tights I wore were patterned, and they are actually pretty warm. Plus, tights come in so many colors these days, so you can definitely be creative. I am actually a little shocked at all the colors offered creative ladies!

2) Light jackets: Again, we can look back at an outfit post, with the denim jacket here. Also, my faux leather jacket below.
Very obvious that you could wear a jacket, but these are just a few things I do to deal with the crazy temperature changes! I adore pairing dressy tank tops or tops with frills/texture with me, it's so cute! Also, I really love cropped jackets, which are even more helpful in the transition, but I will settle for my faux leather one above!

3) Leggings and jeggings: You can bet that I sport both of these, why wouldn't I? First, lets talk about the wonderful world of jeggings. They are comfortable (win), stretchy (walking up hills has never been easier) and look good rolled up (YES). Lately if I am wearing my jeggings, then they are most likely rolled up to a little past my ankle, and cuffed. It's cute, and it's like "hey, I know it's getting warmer, but I am not wearing shorts/capris yet". Bringing in springy outfits without the commitment (I hate being the only person in class with shorts or capris on, and everyone else is wearing jeans/parka-so this is a safe look for me hahah). Next, we have leggings. Another wonderful comfy-girl invention. Wanna wear a dress and make it edgy or cute? Get some cute leggings to keep your gams warm. Or, wear a tunic and leggings, which may not be office appropriate, but if you have errands to run and classes to get to, it works PERFECTLY and it's comfortable!

I used to have a pair of liquid leggings and I was in love with them. So simple but edgy!

4) Layering: Obvious, but hey, a girl wants to write a post here! Want to learn the best layering tricks? You should check out Emily from The Sweetest Thing (tell her I said hello if you visit her!) Not only is she gorgeous, but I can't even begin to tell you how awesome she is at layering. I promise, give her blog a look and you will know exactly what I mean! If you are a fashionista like her, I am sure you could wear a few different layers, that would work alone if you got hot and wanted to ditch a few layers! Here is a little visual, although it is not Emily! :)

I know this isn't life-changing information here, but these are really staples in my wardrobe, especially for the winter to spring transition. Plus, if you have ever sat back at your desk, and thought, "I wonder what Kelsey from Beauty without Limits would wear on a day like this, since she is always complaining about Ohio weather" then here you go {although that is highly unlikely that you would consider that thought} :) As I write this I keep glancing at the collage up there with the pink sweater...and I want it. Talk about distraction! haha. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and let's all be hopeful that I do well on all my final exams, and last day of clinicals for this semester! What is your favorite ways to dress for transitioning into spring? Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey

Sunday Social-Twitter!

Well hey. Hi. Hello. It's Sunday Social time!
Sunday Social

1. When did you join twitter?- I joined twitter March 24, 2012. At least, that was my first tweet!
2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?-This is too hard! Probably my brother...he is just so out there. Almost every single thing he tweets, I am just in awe of, or have to say something to him about what he said! He is very inappropriate...but hilarious.
3. Who is your favorite celeb to follow?-"@TheRock" Dwayne Johnson-he seems SO nice!, and/or "shaymitch" Shay Mitchell (Emily from Pretty Little Liars!)
4. Have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet?-Cris Cab (look him up!) I consider him a celebrity haha.
5. What is your favorite store/brand to follow?-@SLEEPROLLERS-it is a company that sells rollers for yuor hair, that are comfortable to sleep in. I like following them because they are funny, and they always retweet their customers or fans of their products! I seriously don't think they miss a tweet!
6. Give us three tweeps we should be following.-1) @ClosetEssentls-Monica's boutique, I love seeing the clothes actually worn, and not just hanging on a hanger or just on a white background, you know?! 2) @aubreykinch-a super nice blogger, who is just fun to follow and she also designs free backgrounds for your desktop or phone! 3) @EmilyAnnGemma- so cute! I love her style and her blog, so of course love to follow her tweets!

You knowwwww, since we are on the topic of twitter, if you have a twitter, leave it below, as well as any blog links you would like me to read! You can find me on twitter at: @kelseylenayyy

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

Simple Spring Makeup Look

 I have wanted to do an everyday makeup post for awhile now, and have one of those in my drafts, but, I decided to do this one first! It is super simple, and very wearable. For some, it may even be an everyday look; I would occasionally wear this to class or just casually through the week, but I do like a little less foundation for everyday wear, which is where my everyday makeup look will come into play! My favorite part of this is really the blush. I wish you could see it in person you guys! Enough with the talking, on to the pictures!

1. Bare faced (scary!). Here is were I applied my face primer, which is The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser.
2. Application of foundation, which is Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. It does contain SPF in it, which can look ashy or cause a white cast when using flash photography.
3. Quick shot of all the products I am using!

4. Here I applied the white shimmery color in the Maybelline Quad in "Give Me Gold" all over my lid, up to the crease.
5. Next, I applied (lightly) the yellow-gold shade on top of the lighter shade. I chose to only use my fingers for this look, to make it very simple! I then applied the gold shade to the outer corner of my eyelid, creating a bit of a sideways "V" shape, to add depth.

*Numbering fail! I did these steps before my eyeshadow, but I didn't catch the mistake until now!
6. Application of concealer. For this, I used a mixture of Maybelline Age Instant Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in "Light", and Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Concealer in "Light".
7. Bronzer time! I applied the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in "Princess" to the hollows of my cheeks, as well as my temples.
8. My favorite part! For my blush, I used Maybelline Color Goes Electric Limited Edition Blush in "Wild Blossom". It is so pretty! Since it was limited edition, I am having a really hard time finding a link for you all!

 *Fail #2. I messed this whole ordering of numbers up! I applied the eyeliner & mascara right after my blush, then did my eyeshadow. Sorry guys!
9. Time for mascara! I curled my lashes first, and then I used one coat of Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara in "Very Black". 
10. I used the darkest brown shade from the same quad I used earlier as an eyeliner, using an eyeliner brush.

Finished look! The eye look is barely noticeable, but just enough to create a bit of light for your face! I really wish I had paired a bright lip with this, but that is for another post :) 

Quick view of my brushes I used! If you are interested in more information about the brushes, just ask and I will let you know! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey

I hope this was hopeful! This is my first "picture tutorial" post, and I hope it is okay in format! I would love to eventually do some videos, but I am not sure how well that would go over!?

Sunday Social-Pinterest Style!

1. What is your favorite outfit pin?

Seriously love this so much. I have yet to create it though!

2. What is your favorite food pin?

Honestly so simple, yet I still haven't made it! This is happening during Summer!

3. What is your favorite wedding pin?
Please tell me you love this too! So beautiful!

         4. What is your favorite DIY/Craft pin?

 This is the only thing that is sort of DIY one my pins! What is wrong with me? haha. Must pin more!

-Okay. So my HTML, font, and anything else right now on Blogger is going crazy, and I can't fix it! So I am sorry for how things may be orienting themselves! Anyways, the last two questions ask for your favorite lyric/quote pin, and just a random pin you want to show some love!

So true! Now for a random pin to show it some loveeee:

Cute...and really, think about it! haha.

Hopefully this post isn't too all over the place; I would try to fix everything so it font and orientation isn't so wacky, but I have some studying for my good 'ol nursing major to do! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Don't forget to follow with Bloglovin' if you like to follow along with me on my space on the interwebz :)

Xo, Kelsey 
My latest beauty post!

Cabana Tan Gradual Self Tanner Review!

Before we start-with all the news about Google Reader going away soon, there is a possibility that GFC could go right with it! If you like to follow this blog, follow via BLOGLOVIN' just in case! 

Who is ready for Spring and Summer? We all know I am! Remember when I did a post about a review of self tanners? Well, I am back with another one! I am not saying everyone should be tan, but for me, personally, I like to have a bit of color on me. It makes me feel better about myself for some reason. Because of that, I have tried a lot of self-tanners, since I try to avoid using tanning beds (scary!) I really recommend checking out my first post, and looking at "what to look out for" concerning skin cancer. Now, let's get to the newest self-tanner obsession!

Meet my newest love, Cabana Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion. This product is made by Million Dollar Tan. I did receive this for free, for my thoughts and consideration ( I am not being paid to say anythign!) First, let me just promise you my full honesty. Second, I waited over a month to review it, just to be absolutely sure that this was a product I wanted to be on my blog. Clearly, it is. Here is a discription of the product from the website:

Apply it like a lotion and in just 6 hours, your skin will have a gorgeous, healthy glow. GUARANTEED!
This is the sunless tanning lotion you've been wishing for. It's an amazingly bronzed color that's easy to put on and lasts a week. This product is a MUST TRY. It's so easy and gives you such great color, you'll love it. Million Dollar Tan products are water based, non-pore clogging, never tested on animals, organically made and free of any parabens or any other gross additives. 

Let's break down its claims, which also include no streaking, smell, or mess. 

1) Did I have a glow after six hours? Yes, I really did. Here is a before and after from my application. The first picture was the night I applied it, while the second was 2 days later (2 applications total). More than 6 hours before the second picture was taken, but I assure you, I woke up with color! 

Is it just me, or is it a little awkward to only see my legs and nothing else? hah.

I am really happy with the color I got when using this. To me, it isn't overwhelming, or orange-y. In person, I think it looks even better. It states on the bottle that it is a gradual self tanner, which means it may take a few applications to get the color you want. Personally, I would of been happy with one application, but I did two applications before taking the picture, just for good measure and review purposes!

2) Did it streak? No, it really did not. If you read the description, it does say it is a lotion, and it really applies like one. I didn't have any streaking with this product, because it was so easy to rub in. In the past, I have used products with more of a gel consistency, which are nice, but they seem to absorb faster, and that is when you run into problems with streaking. 

3) Was it messy? No, not to me at least. Since it does apply like a lotion, it really isn't a problem! I am sure you could make it messy, purposely, but who wants to do that? Transfer wise, I did not notice it rubbing off onto clothes, bedsheets, etc. The color of the actual lotion in the bottle is an off-white shade.

4) Did it smell? This, to me is hilarious, Only because I never read that claim, until today, when I looked on the website. It is funny to me because from the get-go, when I first applied it, I was like "Okay, well if I review this, how do I describe the smell, because it doesn't really smell like anything". I promise. My thoughts were all over the place, wondering how I would tell you it was basically scentless, and that even though I suck at describing smells, this one was a doozy to pinpoint a smell! It's not fruity, beachy, foul, gross, or overwhelming. Guys, just trust me on this, somehow it is nearly scentless. I didn't even wake up with a weird "tanner" smell that you sometimes get with products. For some, no scent might be a negative, since this does apply and moisturize like a lotion. However, I think it is nice without  scent! 

5) Lasting time? Eh, I would say 5-8 days. I don't normally exfoliate every night when I shower, so I am sure that affects the lasting power, but I think that is pretty dang good. I also got into the habit with applying this every few days, once I figured out how long it last with one application. I did this to mamaintain color, moisturize my skin, and also darken the color I would get.  

6) Pore clogging? No. Not that I have noticed. I also used this on my face, as it says it won't clog pores on the website. I never had any issue with breaking out because of this. It isn't oily, or sticky on your skin, which is great, because who wants to put something like that on your face? Not me. It absorbs well and just does its job. I did see that they have developed a tanner specifically for your face, which is something I would love to try, just to see if it is any different than applying the lotion meant for your whole body! If anyone has tried that one, let me know!

Do I truly recommend this? Yes. I promise it is one of the best self-tanners I have used, and is actually more affordable than a few other tanners I have recommended before (not from the drugstore). The particular one I am reviewing retails for $20. Do I have any cons? No, not really. I only wish I would of chose the one in the "Extreme" version, just to see how dark it could get me! I know it seems weird to not really have any cons, but I think I just got really lucky with this product, and maybe you'll love it too! If you get a chance, and you love self-tanning, or just want to venture out and try something different, I do recommend this. Please let me know if you have tried it, and what your thoughts are!

-Extra tip for self tanning: If you have a self tanner that is gel based, dries too fast, or seems to dark for you, try mixing it with lotion! Not only does it give you more time to rub it in, but it also allows your tan to develop gradually, because it won't be as pigmented when dissolved in another lotion. This helps you control the level of tan you get! Love doing this with some of my self-tanners!

Hopefully this was helpful and not too long! Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey

Denim, Floral and Sunnies!

Oh hey there. Back for another outfit post, and this one is a doozy. Okay, not really. But if anyone wants to get excited with me that Spring possibly is showing itself here this week, I would be happy to celebrate with you!
Dress: Hollister (Old) similar. // Tights: Not sure! // Sunglasses: Forever 21 // Denim Jacket: Black Asphalt (Old) similar. // Shoes: similar.

Lets all hope that this weather is around to stay! Hope you all have a great week!
XO, Kelsey

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Blabbing and My Easter Weekend!

image via

With the current class I am in right now, it sort of seems ill-fitting to include that picture up there... maybe it will liven up my mood, since we are talking about death and dying with nursing. Not going to lie, it doesn't seem like anyone is paying attention (this is our final lecture of class, what?!) But, it is a sad and somber subject, although we have to know this process and what to do when a patient passes. Oh education. I wrote this post last night, but I decided to add this little addition to it before I hit publish! I had a nutrition exam yesterday, and I was holding out a small glimmer of hope that she would tell us it was a long planned April Fools joke, and that there is no exam. Good thing I studied, because it wasn't a joke haha. One very exciting part of my life is that in 3 weeks, I will be done with this year of college, and even closer to getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and being an RN. Cannot wait for that day!

I also recently picked up a few spring/summer clothing items from Kohls, and I may or may not be super stoked to wear them. I promise, they are CUTE! Also cute is all these clothes from Garage! I don't think a girl can have too many items on her want list ;) To be honest, I really should go through my closet and get rid of a lot of items; some of the stuff is from over 6 years ago...and I still wear a few of those items! I need to part with them, and maybe reward myself with these wedges. Adorable, summery, perfect.

This post is a lot of rambling going no where, but I think I like it. Since I just love to jump from one topic to another, I will give a recap of my Easter weekend, which I drove home for from college. I visited with my mom, and her side of the family, and did a little easter egg hunt with my niece and nephew on Saturday. On Sunday, I went to my dads, met up with his parents at the country club and had a brunch, then went to my stepmoms brothers house for an easter egg hunt. If I didn't already have enough food in me from brunch, I pushed it to a whole other level when we ate lunch at Applebees. It was a great weekend, and I am very thankful! Since I have about 15 blogs to catch up on, I should probably wrap this up, but before doing so, how about a small photo-dump?
 Feeling Spring-y with my denim jacket & shades // my adorable niece and nephew on Easter // Easter basket that my step-mom made up for me! // my little brother laying next to the 3 foot puzzle we put together :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter-and that you get through the week happily! Only 4 more days until the weekend (haha).
XO, Kelsey

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