Spring Tease

Maybe I am just wishing time away, but I am so ready for Spring! This past weekend I drove to my hometown to see family. The forecast called for temperatures up to 60 degrees...knowing that, I didn't pack a winter jacket. I didn't end up needing it either! The weather was such a nice change from the below zero, can't even breathe, I think I am going to die before I get to class temperatures. In typical Ohio fashion, I am back to wearing my winter coat this week, and only dreaming of nicer weather. I may or may not have had to take some night photos because, well you know. Night came. Okay outfit time!

Outfit Details- Oxford: Old Navy // Muscle Tee: Old, another cute option // Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: Keds // Bracelet: Old, similar style // Watch: Relic // Bag: So old, similar //

How is there weather where you live? Anyone else ready for Spring?

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Makeup Talk: Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Beauty Products

If you are a beauty lover, you know how much it can bum you out when you run out of your favorite product, or the feeling you get when you "hit pan". Today, I wanted to share a few tips with you for extending the life of your products, getting the most out of what you have, and when you should throw out makeup! I also want to share two of my favorite tips from Lara, from the HSN blog! You can find her post here.

1) Broken pressed powder product? Add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol, press the pieces back together, and wait for it to completely dry. In no time you'll have it back to its [almost] new condition.

2) Don't like your conditioner? You don't have to toss it! Use it as a shaving cream-it should moisturize while giving you a smooth base for shaving!

3) Dig! If you are running low on one of your lipsticks and can no longer use it directly on your lips, use a q-tip to dig a little out and then apply to your lips! Even better? Use it as a 2-in-1 product to get the most for your money; take a little and dab it on your cheekbones as a cream blush! The result will be a really natural glow!

4. A tip from Lara:
-I think this is key in making the most out of your products! I myself have bought the same shade of lipgloss or eyeshadow, even though I know I already have something similar. Instead of letting it go to waste in the future, really think about what you are buying before you get it.If you know that it can be duplicated (or almost duplicated) by something in your collection already, hold off! Reward yourself with that new item when the similar one is gone!

5. Does your eyeliner break off too easily? If it is too soft and falling off (or losing its shape!), you may find yourself constantly sharpening it, which consequently means you are using it up faster than you need to. Store your pencil liners in a ziplock baggy in your fridge-the cool temperatures will help it keep the shape! You could also just pop it in the freezer for a bit before applying it!

6. If you find yourself going through facial cleansing wipes too fast, cut them in half! You'll be surprised that half a wipe actually can take a fair amount of makeup off! Fold it up and use different sides; that way, you are getting the most out of the wipe!
7. A tip from Lara:
-Please keep this tip in mind! What good will your brushes be if they become frayed, caked up, or germ infested? Lara makes a great point when she says that you are also extending the life of your products doing this! Case in point-your favorite pressed powder gets a slightly darker "film" over it, and it seems like no matter how many times you try, you just can't pick up very much product from that area. That "film" is likely face oils that have been deposited by your makeup brush (or sponge!)

8. Don't pump! When you pump your mascara wand up and down in the tube, it puts more air into the tube-drying out the product and leaving more room for bacteria to grow inside.

9. Running low on your favorite liquid foundation? Mix a liquid concealer that is the same shade as your skintone in with your favorite moisturizer. The extra pigment from your concealer can mimic the coverage your foundation could give you. Apply it as you would your foundation and save the last of your real foundation for a special occasion!

10. When to throw it out:
-Mascara: After 2-3 months, especially when you notice it is becoming clumpy or has a weird smell.
-Liquid foundation & concealer: After 6-12 months; when you notice the color is becoming lighter and separation has occured in the product.
-Lipstick: After 2 years; when it becomes noticeably dry.
-Lipgloss: After 1 year; when it becomes extra sticky.
-Nailpolish: After 1-2 years; when separation occurs that doesn't blend after shaking, or when it becomes extra "goopy".
 -Powder, eyeshadow, blush: After 2 years; when it becomes extra dry or flaky.

I hope these tips were helpful! What is your makeup saving tip?
Want more of Lara's tips? Find her post here.

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*This post is based on my own opinions and tips from experience. The tips from Lara were used with permission, as a way to do a shared post. No commission was made from this. This post is solely for the benefit of anyone that wants to read these tips! :)

// Study Break

Oh well hi there! Can we just take a second and talk about how many posts I have coming up/in the process of planning/taking over my to-do list? All I have wanted to do as of lately is blog. This week school got in the way though, and I had a monster exam today. I am not lying when I say I literally didn't sleep last night. No sleep since Sunday! I can't wait until my head hits the pillow tonight! It will be an early day tomorrow with clinical, but I love my clinical rotation right now so I really look forward to it! In the spirit of studying and being a college student, today my outfit reflects what I would be in if I didn't have much going on, or if I had to study, but still needed to look like I had a semi-idea of what an outfit besides yogas and zip ups look like. Do many college students read this? I would love if you let me know, or sent me your blog links too so I can see what other blogging students are up to! Also, lets get excited that weather in Cincinnati was in the upper 50's today, and by Thursday it will be almost 70-what?! Then it is supposed to get cooler again. If you follow me on instagram (which you totally should!), then you would have seen the picture of my beloved Keds, just waiting for warmer weather. Can't. Wait.

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Love the blue detailing around the zippers!
Outfit details: Chambray: American Eagle // T shirt: Kohls // Leggings: Gap // Boots: Madden Girl by Steve Madden // Scarf: Handmade by my brother! If interested in one, email me!

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What are your favorite posts to see from my blog? Beauty (reviews, tutorials?), fashion, or would you like to hear more about my day-to-day life? 

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Cognac Love

Notice anything different around here?! Today I decided that I was tired of looking at the same template and layout that I have had on this blog for a year or more...it had ta goooo! I am so happy with the new design I have! It was premade from Mlekoshi Playground (no way I can design a whole new template right now...maybe in a few more months of playing around with HTML and stuff!) so it was fairly easy to use. I just need to personalize a few more things and tune it up, but for now, I love it! What do you think? Anyways, I am sharing one of my favorite combos as of late-cognac and navy. Those two colors together make my fashion heart just go to mush. Okay maybe not mush, but you get it!

Outfit details:
Top: Madewell // Jeans: BDG // Cognac Boots: Madden Girl // Earrings: World Market// Necklace: Forever 21 (old) 

Are you loving any color combos or trends right now? 

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Makeup Talk: Mac Sheertone Blush in "Breezy" Review

MAC [powder] blushes are amazing. I am just going to say it-put it out there now and let you know that I adore them! Granted, I haven't used a blush from each  type of finish they have (frost, matte, satin, sheertone, and sheertone shimmer) but I have tried my fair share. I also have not tried their cream blushes, but that's a different story. I wanted to do a fairly quick review on a specific blush I have been using nonstop for the past 4.5+ months; as soon as fall hit I gave myself the green light to add it into my makeup routine!

 The shade I want to talk about is "Breezy", which like the title of this post says, is a sheertone finish. Since it is berry toned I feel it will best suit my skin in the fall and winter months, which explains why it has only been absent from my cheeks only a handful of times!

Application: As it is a sheertone blush, you can lightly layer it to get the look you want-but don't let the word sheer fool you...it is pretty pigmented! It goes on smoothly to my skin, and with the light hand I use, gives a really pretty wash of color to my cheeks! The finish on my skin is like a healthy glow, even with my combination/oily skin, I find it to be very flattering.

Top is more of a heavy swatch; bottom is very lightly swatched.

Wear time: I find this to be extremely long-wearing. If I apply it in the morning, it still looks nice by the end of the day. I don't notice it to get splotchy when it does begin to wear off, which would probably be around 10+ hours.

Wearing "Breezy"; applied lightly! Also don't judge me for the Christmas tree behind me, hah. This was taken back in December! 
-Long wearing
-Easily layered
-One compact will last you a LONG time (no joke!)
-Has never broke me out

-The price ($21.00 USD). I really find that it is worth that price however. I have had another blush by MAC for 3+ years, and I haven't even hit pan because they are so pigmented (and I rotate my blush use!) It might expire before I can finish it. The struggle.
-You may become obsessed with this shade and then any of your other blushes you thought you liked will be left behind, not used, and they will have a pity party full of jealousy until you start using them again. True story

You can buy this blush HERE

What is your favorite blush at the moment?

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