Well, This is Awkward.

Oh hello there. Somehow in the past month and a half (nearly) I managed to completely neglect this little space of mine on the interwebz. It was unintentional, but life happened...so what can you do! It's been some good, some bad, and some great things distracting me, but tonight I finally found some time and energy for putting together a blog post. A little update-my hospital job is going great; it totally drains me some days and a 12.5 hour shift sometimes feel like 24 hours, but most days I adore it and the day goes by pretty fast. I've had some heart issues (mainly my whole life) but new issues were recently discovered so I have been dealing with that-kind of scary and lots of stress but luckily in my spare time I have been distracted pretty well! :) As for today's post, I decided to keep it on the shorter side(pun intended haha) and share an outfit that I think is great for summer days that are a bit breezy or even for chilly summer nights. This sweater is very lightweight so it is pretty versatile! Also, I discovered how much I love Loft in the past few months. Almost anything I have bought this summer has came from there!

Outfit details: Sweater: Loft // Shorts: Kohls (Wallflower-last summer) // Bracelets: Express (Wishbone here, can't find the other one!) // Sandals: Loft // Necklace: Forever 21 (very, very old!) //

Have you discovered any new favorite stores this summer? 

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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