Date Night on Friday

So on Friday, I could easily say I was stuffed with food from about 8pm-2am. UGH! Not that I particularly wanted to be, but that is just how my our night played out. I went to my boyfriends apartment and watched X-men: First Class and just hung out with my boyfriend until about 8pm. 

 Total Chick-flick right?

After it was over we decided to order Chinese food. I usually try not to eat after 7pm, but I was okay with breaking my own rule for a night. Later, we went to see the movie 21 Jump Street- which was sold out for the time we wanted. 

We were laughing SO hard!

It worked out for us though; we settled for the later showing and ate Cold Stone Creamery Ice cream while we waited. The movie was so so so so so SO hilarious (obviously it was hilarious : )   ) and I would say it was a pretty good day! If only my boyfriend had taken me to the mall before it all like I wanted...   Maybe next time?
What I wore: 
 I didn't have anyone to take a picture of my outfit so the mirror will have to do!

Both tops are from Maurices. Jeans are from American Eagle and the wedges are "American Eagle for Payless".

Did any of you see 21 Jump Street? 


  1. Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are sooo hot in X-Men: First Class! I haven't seen 21 Jump Street yet but I've heard it's very funny :) and I like your vest!

    I'm a new follower! Check out my blog too, if you want :)

  2. I followed:) & thank you, the vest was new!

  3. Nice outfits!

    Your new follower ;-)


    1. Thank you! I wish I had someone with me that day to take better photos, but these turned out halfway decent! : )


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