Sunday Social

It's Sunday! Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend : )
Sunday means link-up.. Sunday Social to be exact. So if you'd like, link-up next Sunday as well! 


Favorite TV show of the past:
Uhm.. so many! Hey Arnold, CatDog, Degrassi, I Love Lucy.. the list will go on so I will just stop there!

Favorite TV show currently
Teen Mom (I can't help itttttt), Pretty Little Liars, Greys Anatomy, Extreme Makeover Weight loss Edition, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Storage Wars. Besides that, I am really into watching Youtube videos. Youtube is like my tv.

Which Reality Show would you NEVER do?
Bad Girls Club.. I just feel like it is so... trashy? I don't know. Not my style. 

Which Reality Show would you LOVE to do?
I'm just so boring. I can't think of one! I would do maybe the Real World, if it ever came to Ohio (yeah right!)

TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?

Okay, got one. Not a tv character, but a movie character (close enough). Alyson Hannigan, from  American Pie (& How I Met Your Mother). I have heard multiple times that I have her mannerisms, smile, quirks, and even look like her. I am not so sure I agree, but after hearing it for the past few years, I just say whatever.

TV character you'd want to date?
Uhm for Sure Ezra from Pretty Little Liars. Hottttty. He is just a sweetheart, I think that is why he is attractive to me! Or McDreamy from Greys Anatomy.. DUH. Sexy, smart, and biggest gentleman ever!
 Alright. Both of them please!

Can't wait to see what questions are used for next Sunday : )