Apple Pie Sandwiches?


Why must things like this exist, when I am trying to study?

and this? Apple pie sandwiches. MMM. I am not even hungry, but apparently looking at food on pinterest is the better option right now. Three exams this coming week, and I am NOT looking forward to them. But, I got something exciting in the mail today! Hopefully ya'll will be seeing it in a post soon : ) I think you'll like it! Besides being swamped with college girl things, I have been missing from here because my internet at my apartment complex went out, for two days. It's back, but keeps cutting in and out, so I can't get anything productive done. Booooo to you internet provider.

I am still not hungry by the way. 
Also, still not digging how I will be going back to studying after this...
Live it up for me this weekend everyone, live it up.
Xo, Kelsey

**Update picture: I figured I would give a BIG hint at what I am excited about from the mail...
 I think this may give it away ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, what a delicious post! Yum! :D And I'm guessing you got the Naked 2?? LOL I have the first palette, and LOVE it. I'm sure you'll like the second one just as much! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes! I wanted to do a teensy tiny hint... maybe mentioning "Naked" in a sentence, and something beauty related. But I figured if a lot of people didn't get the hint, they would think I was a weirdo haha! I thought about getting the first palette, but in the end I decided Naked 2 was probably more suited for my skin tone!

  2. You will LOVE Naked 2! I love the soft greys in there that the first palette was lacking. Enjoy!

    1. I agree! I looked at tons of swatches from the first palette, and the colors were gorgeous, buuuuuuuut I just felt like the second palette was better for me! Thanks for dropping by!


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