What I am Currently Loving!

Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well! I currently have something going on in my throat-probably strep, or something along those lines. I am no stranger to strep, I get it about 6 times a year (not kidding!) I should be used to it, but it's my birthday today, so for now, I am NOT okay with it! Anyways, I wanted to get a post up about the things I am just loving right now!

1. SCARVES! Of any sort really. Long, short, frilly, plain, patterned, puffy, cozy. You name it, I will probably like it. Outfit is boring? No problem, add a scarf, bada-bing you are a whole new lady! 

This lovely scarf may or may not be in an upcoming outfit post ft. that ^^ outfit :)

2. Wearing my boots: Who doesn't love boots? There are so many styles these days, I feel like almost anyone could find a pair they like! I am no boot snob, if you give me boots, more than likely, I will be like, "Okay, now let me find the rest of my outfit!" But, I really love my new boots I received from my stepmother:
These are "Bearpaw" brand, in the style "Miriam mid-calf". So warm and comfy!

I have a nice pair of knee high brown leather boots, but they have a bit of a high heel on them, so I have been on the lookout for more wearable ones. This is where my next "love" enters!

3. Online shoe stores : Oh my gosh. Want. Need. NOW! I feel like looking online gives you so many more options. Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel like online stores give you about 50 more options than if you went to a store? Regardless, those are so gorgeous boots, and I would adore them with my little heart! Check out these amazing things, another pair on the boot wishlist:

In. Love.

4. Thanksgiving is coming up! Who is with me on this one? Family. Being thankful. Food. foOD. FOOD! Okay- it's clear I like the food aspect. But can you blame me?
Please tell me you are drooling too.

5. Layering clothing: This is nothing new. It happens in the Fall, I am sure it probably happens in Spring and Summer too. But something about putting different pieces together just makes me happy to get dressed in the morning!

6. Maybelline Berry Bliss Lipstick: So pretty! I will be wearing it tonight when I go for my birthday dinner! It seems really moisturizing compared to other Maybelline lipsticks I have; fluke? Or are all the new ones more moisturizing?!

7. Talking to my bloggy friends! It is nice to meet new "friends" outside of my college and back at my home town. I like connecting with twitter, instagram, and emails; it's great to have others out there you can related to, and you feel like you get to know a lot of each others life as you read blog posts. I love the blogging community!

Well it is about time for me to go out to dinner, but I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Xo, Kelsey