Store Recommendations

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop and browse, whether it be for clothes, makeup, accessories, shoes and so on. Some links may be affiliate links, so if you click on my link and make a purchase, I may get a small percentage of your purchase amount. However, I can NOT see any of your information (this goes through the company, not me). If you don't feel comfortable with this, feel free to use a search engine to take you to the site, but hopefully I can give you some ideas! :) Happy shopping!

 If you are an avid online shopper, I highly recommend signing up for Ebates. Anytime you want to buy something online, log into your Ebates account (whether it is on your phone or computer) and search for the store you are looking for. If they are affiliated with Ebates, all you do is select the store, click on the link to "shop" and it will take you directly to that exact website. The percentage of "cash back" will be displayed and activated at that select store. I try to stay on the page that I
originally came from on Ebates (at least for checking out). You get a percentage of cash back from each store that is affiliated with Ebates when you make a purchase. Win-win! For example, if I spend $50.00 at Sephora (a 4% cash back store), I will get $2.00 cash back to my Ebates account. Every few months you can get a check by mail or have money deposited into a paypal account! (I do not get a percentage of what you spend-only you do! However, if you refer friends, you can earn bonuses by sharing your link)!

Click-able links:
Sephora-makeup, skincare, brushes, perfume, etc.
Ulta--makeup, skincare, haircare, etc. 
Forever21-affordable clothes, accessories, and more.
Express-sweaters, jeans, dresses, summer outfits.
Athleta-Yoga/athletic wear, my favorite leggings! (7/8 Salutation Ankle Tight)