Makeup Talk: Monave Mineral Makeup Review [Must Have!]

It's no secret that I love love love it. However, I always go through phases where I become super conscious of what I am putting on my skin. I have never been one to hate on drugstore beauty products, but I do like higher-end products when I can afford them, and when the ingredients make up for the price. The past few years I have wanted to use more natural products, and I have experimented with a few different brands-but just can't settle on one I love, so I go back to the products that may not have the "safest" ingredients, according to websites, news story's, etc. With all that being said, I think its about time that I get back into incorporating the mineral products I have been searching for these past few years! This is where experimentation comes in, and today, I want to talk about Monave Mineral Makeup* (specifically, the Loose Mineral Concealer-Foundation).  Before I dive into the review, let me tell you something: YOU NEED THIS in your collection if you have combination to oily skin. I kid you not when I say I have literally never used a mineral foundation (or even a regular foundation for that matter) that keeps my oily skin in check and lasts all day. The only foundation that could even come close to balancing my skin like this does is the Laura Mercier Wet/Dry Powder Foundation. With that being said, lets start the review!
Sample's Packaging; I received the the light version of the Oil Control Humectant, the Loose Mineral Concealer-Foundation in the shades "Tan girl" and "Sandra". I also received the regular Loose Mineral Foundation in the same shades. For the review demo, I used the darker shade which is "Tan girl".
The Monave website states, "This mineral makeup foundation formula offers more coverage than our traditional foundation formula for acne and rosacea sufferers. Its feel is creamier; the finish more matte. High in zinc oxide, it is beneficial to inflamed and irritated skin". I agree that the coverage with this is fuller, versus the regular formula. It also is more matte, and because of that, it is my favorite of the two. The traditional formula wears just as well, and still has great coverage, but I want all the oil control I can get! Notice how well it covered my sunburn-the before and after pictures are taken within minutes of each other-and it literally was just a small amount that I used to buff into my skin! Here is what I have come to find with this makeup:
-All day wear; I didn't necessarily see the brand boasting on the website that it lasts all day...but it literally last at least 8-10 (or more) hours on me, and that is factoring in the full shifts I work at my summer job (I work in a pizza restaurant as a waitress as well as a cook depending on the day-so you know that it gets hot and greasy in there!) It doesn't fade...I can easily say that it is a long-wear mineral foundation. 
-Controls shine; I may have to blot one time a day with this, versus 2-4 times a day with other foundations. I do set this with my Mac Blot Powder, but even setting other foundations with that powder I have to blot 2-4 times, so I think that this was a pretty controlled "testing".
-Has SPF. 
-Feels nice on the skin/doesn't feel cakey.
-One con: because of the SPF, in some flash photography I appear more "white" or "light" on my face in contrast to my body. This is something I find with basically any foundation with a significant amount of SPF, so you sort of have to pick and choose your needs when it comes to this factor! In the picture below, I used flash, but I think the camera settings were a bit off (sorry!) so you can't tell if there is a white cast or not. It definitely looks just as great on camera as it does in real life!  

Full face of makeup with flash.
Full face of makeup without flash, using natural lighting. 

Only regret? Not choosing a darker color! "Sandra" was a bit too light for my skin tone, while "Tan girl" matched me pretty well-but I started developing a tan from my sunburn (tsk tsk) and from my self tanner, so I wish I would of picked a sample I could continue to use a little longer! I have been packing on bronzer to make it semi-wearable with my current skin shade.

The Light Oil Control Humectant is also pretty amazing. I sometimes applied this before the foundation, and it almost works as a primer (as well as moisturizer!) The website states, "This formula does not have shea butter in it, and has a light, gel consistency. It blends very well with our mineral foundation for use as a tinted moisturizer. As with our original formula, it provides gentle, effective oil control throughout the day, helping to balance the skin's oil production, without drying it out. Natural botanicals delicately incorporated using a handmade process to ensure the best quality". The original formula does contain shea butter, so it is probably better suited for dry to normal skin types. The scent is fresh, and it makes your skin so soft once it soaks in. I think it is also great that it can be used to mix your own little tinted moisturizer! 

To sum it all up, I highly, highly recommend not only these products, but the brand in general. Customer service was great, the samples are generous, and the products work just as they promise (which we all know doesn't always happen). If you have oily skin, I think you would love the Loose Mineral Concealer-Foundation. You could keep building up the coverage to what you would like, or use an even lighter hand than I did to keep the oil control properties but have less coverage. For dry to normal skin, you could also use this product, but instead use a moisturizer or moisturizing primer beforehand. This also applies to the traditional mineral foundation formula; depending on your skin type and the coverage you want, you could use primers beforehand that suit you, and use more or less product for the amount of coverage you want. 

This is a pretty long review, but I would rather be detailed than to leave anything important out! If you have any other questions, let me know! I would love to hear your opinion! 

*I received these samples for free, for consideration. I am not being compensated for this post, nor is anyone or anything influencing my opinions. I would be crazy not to pick this up in the full size products, which is a testament to how much i truly love this! 

Thanks so much for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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