Spring Fashion

I am so excited to be able to say that spring is right around the corner! While winter did not (or has not-ugh!) hit my area very hard, I am still ready to step out in my favorite spring pieces. A lot of the trends are actually very wearable this season, which makes me more apt to shop…. until I drop. Here are some trends and idea’s of what I will be wearing this season! (You should be able to click on any of the images below for more info!)

1) Toms-I love the look of the classic Toms, as well as the newer styles coming out, like ballet flats and wedges (pictured above). They are comfortable, cute, and when you buy a pair, a pair is given to a child in need. Win-win!
2) Bright jeans- these are a huge trend right now. At first it might seem a little intimidating to wear bright, colorful jeans, but with a little imagination and time, you can come up with a style forward outfit. I would love to pair coral (pictured above) or a mint green pair of jeans with a plain white V-neck. So simple, yet put together. Add a statement necklace and you’ll be ready to go.
3) Crochet- this trend is showing up a lot in shoes and light sweaters. I would wear crochet flats such as the pair above with jeans, shorts, or a long, flow-y skirt. As for crochet tops, it would be simple to pair a tank with a light crochet sweater, for those cool nights, or being out by a bonfire.
4) High-low skirts- let me just say, I ADORE this style. It can be dressed up, or dressed down. Once I get my hands on a plain (or semi plain) black high-low skirt, I plan on pairing it with an edgy tee for a casual look, or an embellished tank top or fitted blouse for a more put together look.
5) Stripes- stripes are almost always in style or making a comeback. Of course they can show up in almost in piece of clothing, but for me, I would pair a striped shirt such as the one above, with tan shorts or capris. I could wear this anywhere, but I see myself in a casual lunch outing with this look.
6) Cat eye (eye liner)- this has been around for quite some time. However, this season the makeup artists at fashion shows were changing it up a bit. Less of a “normal” cat eye and more of exploring the different shapes, lines, and styles of the eyeliner. You can see an example here.
7) Creamy, opaque nail polish- a sheer wash of color may still be in, but having an opaque color on your nails is a big trend for this spring. You can see in tons of different magazines, fashion shows, and blogs that light, creamy green is a big hit for this season!
8) Pastels- Again, another trend I am LOVING! I think that pastel colors look so beautiful against tanned skin, as well as porcelain tones. It’s not on the daring side, but still shows character in an outfit. Since the colors can usually work for most skin tones, I would bet that most girls could wear and use this trend to dress up or dress down their wardrobe. Lightweight scarves in pastel colors would look great over a white blouse, while jeans or tops could be worn in many different variations. Whatever your hearts desire!

-What trends will you be sporting?