College Books I Despise Buying You!!

I really do despise buying them. Just this semester I spent hundreds on my books; one class alone required SEVEN books. Are you kidding me?! College is so expensive already, with tuition, apartment/living situations, a parking pass, groceries...the list goes on and on! To make the list worse, you add books as a factor and you are out another couple hundred! Sure, you have loans to help pay for all these things, but you still have to pay off the loans, or if it is out of pocket, it just stings every time you have to buy a book. Not to mention, most of my books I never use-they say you'll need them and then all the information you learn comes from powerpoints and in class what I am saying is: I spend way too much on books. A lot of books my first year of college were bought. Not smart on my end. This past year I have been renting a majority of my books, as those are the ones I feel I will not need after the class is over. BIG MONEY SAVER!
 I want to let you in on a little secret. It goes a little something like this: rent your books when you have the option! Seriously, I am so happy I started renting some of mine! If you go to you will find that you can save up to 80% off your textbooks! That is amazing when it comes to getting the books those professors "require". Want a demonstration on the price difference when it comes to buying versus renting? 
This is a screen shot of one of my required books. Do I want to pay that? NO! If you look on campus book rentals site, you'll see this:
Guess which one I think is the better deal? Even with the "discount" my university says their bookstores get, it is still outrageous! I would much rather rent this, and return it! Not to mention campus book rentals offers free shipping to you-and free shipping when you return it! Not the book you needed? They have a 30-day return policy. Lastly, another perk is that you can highlight notes in the book as if you are the owner! I love that!
One more very important point I would like to add about this site is that they are striving to make a difference. They have remained partnered with Operation Smile and in this year alone are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries to children in need. I think this is amazing! Not only are they helping students, but they are making a difference and helping others; really a great quality! If you ever need a textbook, I would highly recommend taking a look at Campus Book Rentals before buying one! 

Xo, Kelsey
P.S-Are your books (or were your books) such a pain to buy? Let me know if you enjoyed this post, or if it was helpful :)