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Basic Go-To Makeup Look // Makeup Talk

Hi all! Today I am sharing a run down on the most basic makeup look ever! Sometimes I wear this to work, other times I use it as a base to build on for something more dramatic. While the products I use day-to-day (okay lets be honest here, I don't wear makeup every single day anymore...if I don't have to leave the house or do anything major, sometimes I am just too lazy) may change, the general idea is the same.

1. Light coverage and oil control
2. Covering dark circles
3. Definition of the eyes and cheek bones
4. Blush and a hint of color on the lips
5. Mascara

Honestly, some days I just depend on concealer for my under eye area, lip balm, and my lash curler (best makeup tool every invented in my opinion). If I am just going to the gym and grocery store that day, that is probably the most I will do. Sigh. Regardless, for those days that I have an extra pep in my step, I will whip this look out! Also, I realllllly need a selfie stick, or just a brand new camera with better se…

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