Maxi Dress Lovin' [Outfit]

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey y'all. I managed to spare some time recently for a set of outfit pictures (because I am seriously in love with this dress!) After another busy week, I finally got to posting them! I also have a skincare post coming up [using oil products to combat problematic skin] so keep an eye out if you enjoy posts like that. I don't want to write about how busy I have been and make excuses for not posting, because as you know, I write because I want to write. Hopefully everyone understands and continues to read this little bliggity-blawg when I do get my rare chance to post! Anyways, back to this outfit! I scored this striped maxi dress at Target about a month was on clearance and stole my fashion heart realllll quick. You can't say no to a good deal. After wearing it a couple times, I decided that summer had started to turn to fall and I should try to transition into fall with the dress-hello, definitely not saying goodbye to this gem just because the seasons were changing!  Long story short, this was my attempt at trying to sort of change gears and incorporate a fall item into the outfit. Enter scarf. It may not be a fall color but oh well. I sort of loved the combo so here we are! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and a good start to their weeks!
Maxi dress: Target (sold out-VERY similar)//  Sandals: Loft (only color left!) // Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar) // Scarf: Old (not sure where it's from! // Clutch: Francescas //
What item do you want to transition into fall with?

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XO, Kelsey

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These are a few of my favorite thingssss

Sunday, August 10, 2014

 Happy Sunday everyone! Tonight I was thinking about some of the "things" that have been pretty consistent in my life lately. Usually I tend to try different things when it comes to food, makeup, fashion, etc., so I must be loving something if I keep going back to it over and over! I figured it would be a fun little post to share some of my current faves-I would love to hear some of yours as well!

1. MAC Turquatic // True Religion Perfume
 Ermagersh these two smell amazing. Well not together, I've never mixed them, but I adore these scents! I stumbled upon the True Religion perfume by chance because my sister didn't like it and instead gave it to me (wait what? score). The MAC one is just da bomb and I just so happened to smell it one day when I was wasting my life away in the MAC store. Go figure.

2. Jewelry
So once upon a time I was a girl that didn't own any purses or jewelry...I was girly in every way but lacking in the accessories department. Fast forward about 8 years and now I am obsessed.  Statement necklaces, bracelets, goes on and on. Honestly, I should be finding a good way to store all my accessories because my set up is a hot mess. Anyways, I can't get stop myself from looking at jewelry on H&M, Freshtrends, Forever 21, and The Loft's websites. Someone stop me pleeeease!

3. THIS concealer combo
There isn't much to say except I adore it still and am so glad I tried these two products together!

4. Laura Geller Baked 101 Kit
I've wanted to try her Baked Foundation forever so I decided to branch out and get a few more items to try-that's why I love kits/value sets. You can get smaller amounts of multiple products! I'm really happy with the kit so far but the blush, foundation, and bronzer are what stand out to me. I won't lie and say I've used the eyeshadow much...I really only tried it once, but then again, I don't wear eyeshadow too often. Totally worth the purchase!

5. FOOD-Frozen grapes // Spaghetti squash
If you've never frozen your grapes, whew you are missing out! They taste like such a treat! Especially in the summer, they are a yummy healthy snack. I've also enjoyed freezing cherries..mmm! Also a favorite lately is spaghetti squash. I love preparing it with feta, tomatoes, some garlic, and the teeniest amount of olive oil. So addicting and delicious!

I could go on but instead I need to try to 5:30 a.m alarm is going to come way too soon! I hope everyone had a great weekend- If you are loving anything as of lately, I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

Life Lessons/What I've Learned

Friday, August 1, 2014

Well hello! I hope everyone has had a good start to their weekend! I was off work today so I got a little break between my 12.5 hour shifts-but I work tomorrow and Sunday! I really can't decide if I like working three straight 12.5 hour shifts and then having the rest of the week off or working a day here and there throughout the week...I might have to side more with getting it all out of the way and then being off for four days in a row :) I mean come on! It's a mini vacay, right? Today I was thinking of a random list of things I've learned in the past few weeks and months, and in general, the past year! It's not a really serious list of things buuuuuuut a girl wants to right about it so I'm going to!

(In no particular order)
1. Packing and cleaning should be started at least a week or two before you have to be out of your apartment. Not two days before.
2. Frozen yogurt is always a good idea. ALWAYS.
3. Cases are a must for your phone. You know, unless you like the look of a completely shattered screen that you have to deal with for a month until your update.
4. Said updates are the BEST. Glory hallelujah!
5. Find a group of people you can trust and be yourself around. Fun will follow.
6. Going to the doctor all the time is not enjoyable. It actually kind of ruins your day.
7. A certain someone could brighten your nearly ruined day.
8. Having a blog is HARD work. Unless you're being paid and for some reason have to blog regularly, don't push yourself to blog about stuff just because you feel you have to...generic or forced posts aren't fun!
9. Blogging because you want to is exciting and you get to make pointless lists (that people may or may not care to read).
10. Holding on to clothes from years ago because you think you may need them "one day" is not a smart move...especially when you're trying to move out of your apartment.

Now that I got all those important lessons off my chest, I leave you with a picture of my beloved Fro-Yo. Be still my heart.
 Taken from my instagram (@kelseylenayy). Follow here!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey 

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