What I Wore (WIW) Lace Kimono OOTD

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that turns into a staple immediately? I recently found a lace kimono at Target that has found it's way into 3 outfits already-I haven't even had the kimono for a full 3 weeks yet! It is safe to say I have a new favorite!

Outfit details: Shorts- American Eagle (similar style currently in stock)// Brown Tank- Old, Wet Seal // Kimono- Target (can't find the link currently) (similar ON SALE option) // Sandals- Forever 21  (no longer available) (similar option here) // Sunglasses- New York and Company
Up close look at my new hair color-loving it still!
Earrings from Buckle.

Sorry for such a lengthy, photo-packed post! Definitely wanted to share this kimono with whoever is interested; it is still available in store (black lace and white lace) but I just can not find it online! 

Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey 

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Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Review // Makeup Talk

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hey friends! Today I am bringing you a review of what I would consider a luxurious natural and paraben-free makeup line. You will see below in pictures just how gorgeous the packaging is and how amazing the quality is. Spoiler alert: I found one of my new favorite natural brands!

Overview of the brand 
Lily Lolo is a brand that started in London and is now available in the USA and Canada. They use natural, organic, paraben, synthetic, and nano particle free ingredients in their products. Win-win? I think yes.

I actually received two shipments of the products to review; as you'll see above I received the Natural Lipstick in shade "Rose Gold" and the Creamy Lash Alert Pure Natural Vegan Mascara in the shade "Black". The Rose Gold lipstick is suuuuch a pretty everyday color that I think would would on just about anyone.

The top photo is the "Rose Gold" lipstick with flash, while the bottom is a picture using natural sunlight. 

 Left eye (in picture) no mascara. Right eye: wearing Lily Lolo Mascara in "Black", one coat. 
 Both eyes with one coat of the Lily Lolo Mascara. So pigmented!

The second shipment included another lipstick, and two shades of their mineral foundation
Lily Lolo Lipstick in shade "French Flirt", Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in shades "Cookie" (top) .and "Warm Honey" (bottom)
A swatch of the "French Flirt" lipstick and swatches of the mineral foundation. Left is "Cookie" while right is "Warm Honey". "Cookie" seems to be a bit more neutral, while "Warm Honey" had more of a warm, yellowy tone to it.

Wearing "French Flirt" lipstick in both pictures. Top picture is with natural sunlight, bottom picture is with flash.

 Wearing the Mineral Foundation in shade "Warm Honey". Taken with flash on the camera. Also wearing the Mascara and lipstick in shade "Rose Gold" here. 

As you can see, I definitely wanted to include a fair amount of pictures for this review (as always) so you get a good idea of what the shades look like/what the product looks like applied. As for the actual review, I feel I can make this one short, sweet, and to the point because the products speak for themselves.

Wear time: I would say the lipsticks wear for about 2-3 hours if not eating or drinking, while they may come off within an hour or so if you are eating or drinking. I will say the "French Flirt" shade lasts a bit longer, and leaves a sort of stain on the lips, which I like. The mascara wears well throughout the day and does not flake off like another natural mascara I am reviewing currently-so that is great! The mineral foundation probably lasts 6-8 hours on me, depending on what I am doing for the day. I notice that it wears off pretty evenly, seeming to just fade away instead of getting splotchy. I do wear a primer and setting powder with this, FYI. 8/10

Packaging: Come on! You see how pretty it is. Definitely a 10/10 score for this. The packaging is gorgeous, sturdy, and reminds me of high-end brands. Very comparable to something high-end I have looked at before but I just can't remember what brand it was. 

Pricing: I think the pricing is fair; you are getting what you pay for here. Lipsticks retail for $18 a piece, while the mascara is $19.50 and the mineral foundation is $22.00. This is not drugstore pricing, and if you are okay with that and want chemical free, natural products, this is an acceptable price range, in my opinion. So, I would give this section an 8/10

Shade selection: Lily Lolo has a great shade selection when it comes to the products I reviewed, especially when it comes to the mineral foundation. They have a shade guide that lists skin tone as well as undertone to help find your correct shade. If you hover over the shades, it lists this information. Although I did not review other products, I do see that they have a ton of shades of eyeshadows as well as lipglosses. Speaking of all this, they also sell eyebrow duos, bronzers, blushes, bb cream, finishing powder, concealer, and brushes. 10/10. 

Overall quality: Overall, this products fairly deserves a score of 9/10. They genuinely have amazing products and will be one of the go-to brands for me from now on. I do reviews of products not only to help others who may be interested in similar products, but to also narrow down my search for makeup that will replace my chemical filled beauty products. 
The products have not caused any breakouts or skin rashes on me; the mineral foundation feels light on the skin while offering light to medium coverage. The lipstick is highly, highly moisturizing, and the mascara is a pigmented, lengthening and separating combination. 

If you have any questions about the products or my review, please email me at: kelseylenay@hotmail.com. The customer service team is also amazing at Lily Lolo and will be awesome at answering your questions as well. Visit Lily Lolo's website here for more info!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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**I received all of the mentioned Lily Lolo products free of charge. All opinions expressed are completely my own and 100% honest. No compensation was received for this review. 

Striped Halter Dress Outfit // Affordable Fashion Post

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hey beauties! I hope everyone is having a great week so far...it's almost the weekend so yay! Currently, I am [trying] to bury my head in the books and study for my state board exam for nursing (NCLEX) which is coming up in the next week. If you know anyone who has taken the exam (or you have taken it yourself) you probably know just have nerve wracking and hard it is to even prepare for it. It is sooo overwhelming! I needed a little break from it all, so here I am with an outfit post! Recently, I discovered the wonderful world of the outlet malls-probably a 25 minute drive from my apartment, but totally worth it. Pretty much anything I could want fashion-wise can be found at the outlets, including the dress in this post! The dress was only about $14...what?! Suchhh good prices and so many stores to choose from! I am definitely glad I started going outlet shopping instead of just "normal" shopping. You can save so much money! Enough with my epiphany though, on to the post!
Dress: Charlotte Russe Outlet (similar here and here)
Bracelet: Alter'd State
Sandals: Forever 21 (cute semi-similar option here) // Sunglasses: New York & Company

 I have recently become super obsessed with type of neckline-I am always in search of dresses and tanks with this style! I feel like it is so flattering on me and also is a bit more conservative, yet fun. What do you think?

Have you ventured into the wonderful world of outlet shopping? Do you have any other affordable shopping recommendations?  

Thank you for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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