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Telogen Effluvium & Hormonal Hair Loss/Thinning Update: What Has Worked

Hi all! I have recently received a few emails and Instagram messages about my previous TE post. Since I have had so many questions asking for an update, I figured it was time to do a post about how my hair is now, what is working and what isn't, and my tips for those out there that are going through something similar.

I originally posted about TE in October of 2016 (see post here). At that point, I had been dealing with the thinning of my hair for about 8 months-and here we are now. Generally speaking, my hair has sort of had some regrowth. Not a lot, but I am happier with how it looks now that what I had going on at the time of the post. First, I will show the pictures from recently (aka today). Mind you, I could have brought out my nice camera to take these, but honestly, it's such a drag pointing out the thinning hair so I would rather just keep it simple and use my iPhone-sooo professional right?!

 I figured this would be an easy way to show you that most of my thinning is…

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