Dinner & a...Relay for Life!

Last night was my boyfriends night off from work, So we went to T.G.I Fridays for dinner. Afterword we went to a Relay for Life Event on campus to just walk around. They had a lot of tents and booths set up with different fraternities, sororities, and clubs running them to raise money for cancer. All in all we had a good night together! I wanted to get a picture of my outfit, but my boyfriend was in a hurry (I don't know why!) So all of the pictures kept coming out blurry, then I was getting frustrated and stopped smiling so nice. This is the result:
You might not be able to tell, but I am annoyed in this haha. Not so cute as the blurry ones that we took at the beginning! (& excuse the white tank top hanging out!)

My next plan was to get a picture of him and I together. I can never have enough pictures of us, and he does not like taking pictures together (lame, right?). So I finally got him to take one, but again, they pictures kept coming out blurry. So the best one out of the bunch was:
Completely adorable if it wasn't so blurry : ( I adore his dimples. AHHH!

Dinner was yummy; we both got the same thing, so I have no idea how it filled him up! I hope to get him to take more of my outfit pictures so I can share them, but I need to get my pictures to not be blurry!

** I came across a blog that you may or may not have heard about. It was featured in a Yahoo! News article, which is how I heard about it, but it would be awesome if you could go check it out. It is about a little baby girl with an incurable disease, written in her perspective. Her parents write about her own little bucket list, while also trying to spread the word about her disease. The blog is called "Averys Bucket List" and here is the link. Get the word out!