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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank the looooooord for the weekend! I am so glad I get the 2 day break from classes...this quarter of college seems like every week is finals week. NOT fair! Who wants to live their lives like that for 9 weeks straight. Not this girl; too bad though because that is what the Nursing Program is like here at my college. Oh well, right? . I wish I had more spare time. So I could:

1) See my family more often.
2) Hang out/make plans with friends more.
3) Spend more time with my boyfriend.
4) Take a nap here and there.
5) Blog about all the things I want to!
 Is that really too much to ask for? I guess... thankfully summer is sort of around the corner... about 2 months left of classes (that seems like foreverrrrrrrr). Enough of being  miserable; happy thoughts...On a good note, I am going to the mall today to buy my boyfriend a gift for his upcoming 22nd birthday! I think he will like what I get him! & I am also returning some things to Sephora (upcoming haul/review/picture post soon?), and maybe buying a lot few of the things I have been eying in stores recently. Plus, I have a hair appointment today! I really really have had the urge to cut my hair to more of a shoulder length cut... but seeing that my hair has taken 5 years to grow from a little past chin length to wear it is now, I don't know that I am ready to make the big cut. So I'll just settle for a trim today. On and end note, I just want to share this picture with you all:

BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! My uncle is visiting friends in Arizona and he snapped this picture with his Iphone. He has his Nikon with him, so I can only imagine the quality of the rest of his pictures using a real, quality camera. It looks like a painting to me! Amazing; I hope he is enjoying his time, and for now, I will just sit back and enjoy the view (from his pictures!)


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