Tree's & a Bunny!?

Last weekend I visited home, which is about two hours away from where I go to college. It was nice to see my family, and to meet a new addition to the family. What!? Finding out there was an addition only when I get home? Well, it was just a cute little bunny that my mom got for my little sister as an Easter gift. I thought at first when I heard about it, that it would be a lame pet, annoying, etc. To my surprise, I wanted to play with it, and actually felt a little sad when I left to go back to college (yeah now I sound like a little child)! Here is what it looks like, named "Moo" for it's colors/pattern resembling a cow : )

No Makeup (ughhh) and Moo!

Here is an outfit I wore the day I went back home. Excuse my terrible pose:

 The dress was purchased at a local boutique type of store. The belt kept slipping lower than I wanted, bummed me out!

& my shoes closer up:

The tips are a bit scuffed; I seem to always stumble on myself when I wear sandals!
I got these from Wal Mart last summer, and they got a lot of compliments!

& a look at the belt:
The belt was purchased from Forever 21.

I hope to show more outfits; but sometimes it is hard to get someone to photograph me! These were taken by my younger brother!