DIY: Make Your Own Pore "Strips"

Hello Everyone! Finally some time for blogging after this busy week! I just wanted to share with you a recipe for making your own pore cleaning "strips". A really popular drugstore brand of pore strips is "Biore". However they can get a bit pricey, around $8-$10 depending on where you go (and I have saw some boxes with 6, 10, 14 strips inside- I guess it just depends which type from the brand you choose!), and if you use them often, that can add up. Here is my homemade take on the pore strips for removing blackheads!

 You will need: Unflavored gelatin
I have always used this brand, works well and is about $1.25 for 4 envelopes.

You will also need milk, a microwave safe container, a microwave, and a q-tip!

First, get a tablespoon of the gelatin and put it into the cup. Next, add a tablespoon of milk. Stir! It should be a grainy, thick consistency. Place it in the microwave (after you remove your stirring utensil  spoon of course). Microwave for ten seconds. Stir again, and within about 30 seconds of removal from microwave, you should place it on your skin. If you wait too long, it will get tacky and you can't do anything with it! Like I was saying, you want to place it on the areas where you have blackheads. Do so with a Q-tip : )  Let it harden on your face for about 10-15 minutes, and then PEEL! Do it slowly though, I feel it is more effective that way!

I don't suggest putting it all over your face at once, but hey, if you would like to! However I usually place mine on my nose and chin. -Wherever your problem areas are : )

I feel this is a really inexpensive way to remove blackheads... but with every rose, there is usually a thorn [booo : (    ] This mixture smells TERRIBLE! I usually just deal with it, but those who can not stomach it should use a drop of some sort of essential oil or vanilla extract.

** I did not come up with this myself! I believe a year or more ago I came across a Youtube video about it, with Michelle Phan demonstrating it!

I hope you ladies enjoy this! Let me know if you try it!