I Must Love Floral.. Another OOTD : )

I wanted to share a recent outfit I wore this past weekend... I wore it to my university's carnival, which is one of the biggest school sponsored events we have. I know I just posted an outfit, but I have these photos all ready to go, and until this crazy exam schedule gets settled down, I will be doing less detailed posts (I'm sorrrrrrrry!). This post is pretty picture heavy, but since my friend took the time to take these for me, I did not want them all to go to waste! What I wore: 

Floral dress from Hollister, belt from Forever 21. Awkward pose-courtesy of my friend taking my outfit picture for the first time! : )
My friend Allison that took these really wanted me to take one like this-here it is for you Allison!

 We didn't get a full shot with the shoes. So here they are! The sandals are from Pacsun, necklace is from Forever 21 of course!

& lastly, a picture from yours truly... let's just dedicate this smile to all of the lovely comments I get from you all : )

Thank you for reading; & thanks to Allison for the pictures!