Makeup for My Prom Girls

This past weekend I went to my hometown to do two girls makeup for prom. It was a lot of fun, but stressful once the time started ticking away; one of the girls that I did showed up a bit later than we had expected, so I had less time. I literally felt like I was going to pass out because I wanted their makeup perfect for their big night! Luckily, everything turned out fine. Since we were crunched on time, I did not get any pictures of the girls when I was done, but I did manage to snap a picture while in the process, and I snagged a few from their Facebook's! I wish the lighting was better, but here they are : )

 Allison & Ashley! Looooove their dresses!

 & again...

 During the process : ) Allison. Had only done foundation, blush, bronzer, and some of the eyeshadow.

Only some of the after math! There was so much more makeup but the shadow from the picture just did not let it turn out in a very "viewable" way haha.

Ashley, in the silver and black dress, wanted a look like this:
Was seriously SO simple. Loved the look so much that I toned it down a bit and wore it myself for the night! It turned out just like this, except we did a more silver color in the corner of her eye.

For Allison, she wanted a grey or smokey look she said, with a red lip. So I looked around and found this look, and it was exactly what she wanted!
 I was so excited when I started looking close at the colors... I had the exact colors to pull this off!

The girls looked gorgeous, with & without my help. It was their last prom, and I am happy to have been a part of it. Hope you all enjoy!