A Never Ending Supply of Makeup

 Not my makeup!

Do you ever look at your makeup collection and get overwhelmed? As I am about to go to sleep, I started thinking of how I will get ready for my day tomorrow...all was going well until I remembered how much makeup I have. "Will I ever get through all these eyeshadows? Lipsticks, foundations, or blushes?" I mean to some, it may seem silly to get overwhelmed... but I think my feeling comes from not knowing if I will ever get use of every last bit of product I purchased. That is what gets me! The amount of money I have put toward my collection. I want to make proper use of it all, but I only have so much face to put product on (haha). Some days I wear little or no makeup, to give my skin a break; prolonging the use of my products. Plus, with new things coming out all of the time, there is always that nagging feeling of wanting to add something new or exciting to your collection. & lastly, a lot of the time, I end up not liking a product. Now what? Use it and "suffer" through it? Or try to give it away/let it sit untouched? So many different reasons why or why I would not get use of my full collection! I know this is the biggest rambled jumble of a post, but I just wanted others thoughts. Do you ever feel like you'll never finish all your products? What are you tricks to using up products you don't particularly like? Oh, and do you get what I am saying or am I just sleepy & blogging? Uh-oh : )