Sheer Floral Outfit & a Puppy!

I wanted to get this post up sooner than this (about a week sooner-oops!) But I did some other posts first, so here it is now: )  I went over to my boyfriends friends house last weekend, and this is what I wore:
White shorts from JcPenny, braided belt and sheer floral tank from Forever 21, peach bandeau from American Eagle.
Sadly, I did not get a picture of the shoes as they are a bit torn up... they weren't anything special really, just a pair of sandals similar to this:
Mine are white strapped though! This particular pair is from Forever 21.

A shot up close.

These were taken courtesy of my boyfriend Eric.
Now on to something adorable! The last time I visited home, I took a picture of my sister's son, Kierce, with their new puppy:
So cute! I ask for a "real" smile and this is what he gives!

I just thought I would add that in here, because I have no idea where else I would put this picture haha. But I wanted to share : )

Have you tried wearing bandeau tops? If so, what is your favorite way to style them?