My April Faves

Well… I know it is a little far into May already, but I wanted to post about some of the things I was loving in April. Some things are tangible, some aren’t…but hey : )

1)   Laura Mercier Powder Foundation- I am in love! out ; )
2)   Beyond the Zone Rock on Dry Shampoo- Let me just say this stuff is actually a good dry shampoo… most other brands I have tried either make my hair look even more gross, or leave a white residue that you can’t get out! With this, sometimes there is a white/grey residue, but it goes away! Really refreshes hair.
3)   Shorts! Like these - I bought a pair from my university bookstore; Nike brand with my university’s name on them. I love them sooo much, comfortable, cute, overall just amazing!  So when I was home recently, I stopped at JcPenny and saw the same style, for $10! TEN dollars! The ones I bought from my bookstore were $30! Needless to say, I will definitely be going back to buy mooooore from JcPenny.  
 $10 for these? Uh YES!

4)   Tea with creamer… I already did a post about this; so yummy!
5)   SUNSHINE! It is so nice to just sit outside, and if I must, study!
6)   Nail polish (in general)
7)   Wearing bright colors! Anyone else with me on this? I love the trend- brights go with brights!
 When I was at JcPenny I also saw this shirt-I took a picture to ask my boyfriend if it the shirt showed too much skin, but he did not reply fast enough so I did not buy it! What do you think? Should I have bought it? 

8)   The feeling after turning in an exam. Knowing you can breath again, at least for a few minutes.

9)   My self-tanner. I love My FakeBake Flawless Self Tanner… I really do not want any extra aging if I can avoid it… so no tanning beds for me!
10) Last but not least- my boyfriend.  He is clearly a favorite every month, every day… but I just wanted to include him on here because I LUBBB HIM LOTTTTS ; )
 Okay... maybe the feeling is not mutual?

 That is better : )

Any favorites for you from April? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Weekend!