My Favorite Youtuber's [Part One]

Hi there! Since this is going to be a super long post, let me just get to it! This is part one of my favorite people to watch on youtube, whether they are into beauty, fashion, or everyday life videos, here they are in no particular order:

1) Ashley Sander: Alhsander
Where you can find her channel:
Why I love her: She is a beautiful momma to a little girl, military wife, and does beauty and fashion videos. She also vlogs her life every now and then, and those videos are absolutely adorable! I have so much respect for the men and women in the military, and to be the spouse of someone serving, I respect them just as much! 

2) Annie: AnnieJaffrey

Where you can find her channel:

Why I love her:  She is a natural beauty with many tips on some of her videos on using products with less harsh chemicals and more beneficial ingredients. She has a great fashion sense and has a blog too! []


3) Jesse & Jeana: BFvsGF

Where you can find them:

Why I love them: They are an awesome couple with a great sense of humor and a cute cat named Nylah! They now do daily vlogs about their life, as well as pranks on each other (at any moment!) You can find their pranks at Jesse also served in the military, and as I said before, I completely respect those that do!


4) Megan: ciaoobelllaxo

Where you can find her:

Why I love her: She is a peppy youtuber who does videos mainly about beauty products and makeup. She began a vlog channel where you can see her family, her cute little sister, and her boyfriend Brandon! (They are such a cute couple by the way! Her vlog channel is :


5) Alli & Charles: CTFxC

Where you can find them:

Why I love them: Why wouldn’t I?! They have been vlogging their life EVERY single day for four years! I have only been watching their videos probably about a year, but I did try to catch up on some of their old videos. Charles now plays for the band We The Kings, so you get to see a bit of the world as he is on tour! Alli is usually at home with her 2 cute dogs, and vlogs her life as Charles is away. Can this get any longer? YES! Charles recently found out he had a brain tumor & had brain surgery to have it removed. He recovered, but did I mention even with his brain surgery he managed to still record his life?! Dedication! Love them!


6) Hailee: Hayyy023

Where you can find her:

Why I love her: She is an energetic, funny, down to earth sweet girl! She recently just turned 21 (random I know) and got engaged… uhm check out her vlog from the day she got engaged to her now fiancé Stefan. My goodness it is SO cute! (Find her vlog channel at: She does beauty videos!


7) Leighann: Leighannsays

Where you can find her:

Why I love her: She is such a goofball! (in a good way!) You can tell her viewers really support her and like how authentic she is. She does beauty videos, as well as showing some of her outfits.


 I hope you enjoy my post, and check out some of these youtubers!