I WANT To! But I Just Can't!

....write a good blog post. I have about 4 posts in the works right now, buttttttt now I am just having trouble finishing them [biting off more than I can chew, clearly.] I have coffee to my left, other blogs to catch up on in a bazillion tabs on my browser, and "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer to read. I mean could you stop being distracted and come up with a good blog post? Alright, you got me... you could. But I am strugglin' over here because I have 57896979 other things to do on top of what is listed above, so I just can't stay focused!
 I am hoping to have something awesome for you to read or look at (hmmm what could that be? :0 ) by nights end. Now that you have wasted 1.5-5 minutes of your life (depending on how fast of a reader you are or how many sentences you skipped because they were b-o-r-i-n-ggggg) let me know what your plans are this weekend, because I always have time to chat & I love talking! Also, send me some emails! I feel like at this day & age, emails seem soooo "old-fashioned" but I adore emails! My email is: kelseylenay@hotmail.com

p.s-What do you think about me adding a link to my personal Facebook? Would you recommend it, or would anyone be interested in me including  that on my blog for even faster communication?
xo, kels