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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

compliments of Ikea. My first time going there was today. How in the world have I never been there before?! Also, why did I not go BEFORE I already bought most of the stuff I needed for moving into my apartment this weekend? I wanted so much there! Since I am still SO excited about going there, and want to sort of "save" some of my 'wants' from there for future reference, I'll indulge you all with some of those goodies : ) Feel free to send me a link of something you love from there!

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Do you see this!? It's like a little tiny dresser PLUS a jewelry box. I adore this. I already have a jewelry box, but I would not mind having this too! You could put necklaces, rings, bracelets, you name it-it would be awesome! I think I would also put headbands, hair ties, and bobby pins in one of the drawers. It would be nice to just have all the little accessories in one place, so they don't get misplaced. Plus, it is nice if you have more "luxurious" or valuable/sentimental items put in a proper place.

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Is it wrong that I could barely walk away from this duvet cover and pillowcases?
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

 I just kept imagining this with tan accent pillows-it seemed so clean, a little beachy. If there was one thing I wanted to take home with me more than anything, it was this! What do you think about it?(If someone wants to buy me this, I am NOT objecting ;)   )

Want to see something I actually did buy, since I didn't get one yet for my apartment bathroom?

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

This little cutie. Simple, affordable, and just enough design to look nice in my bathroom! My step mom also bought one! 

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

I think this would go great with the duvet cover... I want it all so bad! I really want to redecorate my bedroom now haha. 
 Now you all know the things I am pretty much drooling over at Ikea...and counting down the days until I go back!

Xo, Kels

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