My Weekend and What I Will Be Doing ALL WEEK

Hey there! First off... I missed Sunday Social : ( Seriously one of my favorite type of posts to do! Is it wrong to do a belated Sunday Social and just not link-up? Hmmm. Anyways, I missed the link up because I was visiting with my dad, and their wifi won't work on my laptop! Such a bummer. I used so much data probably on my iphone checking twitter and instagram, so I didn't want to try posting anything for the blog via phone! Does anyone remember me posting on twitter that since I got an iphone finally, I'd post a lot more on instagram? Well- maybe that hasn't increased much, but that doesn't mean I haven't taken a million and one pictures! I think everone knows by now (if you have been following me awhile) that I like having tons of pictures in posts! Soooo if you are ready to be visually entertained...
 So maybe this set of pictures isn't exactly from this past weekend-but it was recent! One of my brothers and I, together at a county fair; My brother sipping on his coffee (our family LOVES coffee...even at a county fair when it is 90 degrees); Caleb (brother) with my dads dog Jake. Jake has an inoperable tumor on his snout, and he was just adoring Caleb, cuddling up next to him! Can we all think happy thoughts for Jake? Poor guy could use so positive thoughts : (

On a lighter note, random pictures from the past week: From top left to bottom right: My nephew Kierce had me read to him (he is such a HAM!) Avocado sushi (the only "sushi" I will touch). My two brothers just being cuties in the car. Myself and the boyfriend after he FINALLY got back from Cancun.
I made a deal with myself at the beginning of summer. Save EVERYTHING I make from working as a waitress-except the loose change. Then, all the change at the end of summer would be spending money. I actually didn't stray too far from that deal with myself. I spent maybe $200 on miscellaneous things this summer (snacks, some gas, a makeup item or two, and a few other things here and there). However... I had A LOT less change than I thought I would. I guess that is good, because I had way more bills, instead of people leaving me change. So, I cashed in my $63 in change, and bought 3 shirts from H&M, a MAC lipstick, and a face primer and makeup bag from the body shop (2 items for $10 total!) this past weekend when some of my family and I went to the mall. 

 Top left: UD Naked Skin Foundation Sample, & Cover FX Matte Primer something something something : ) ;  brown thing=a thing to help do buns (bought it four my cousin!); random lotion sample; shoes my mom bought me from Journeys for $10!; MAC bag; The Body Shop products.

The new lipstick I got! MAC "Hot Gossip" which is a cremesheen. I adore it! The bottom picture of me wearing it is obviously a little off. Keep an eye out for a post about my favorite items recently, and you should see it more true to color!

Tired of pictures yet? Almost done : )

What I wore! Sheer navy top from Abercrombie, shorts from American Eagle, necklace from Forever 21, and shoes from Payless!

Quick family pic before leaving the mall!

That is everything from my weekend-as for what I will be doing all week and upcoming weekend? Packing, getting stuff done, and cleaning because Saturday I move into my apartment! Yay! Can't wait to show some pictures!

Xo, Kels

If you made it all the way through, I hope you enjoyed!