Once Upon a Time...

I won a bracelet! This was forever ago, and I wanted to have a post showing the bracelet I won from Emily at The Sweetest Thing. I had pictures taken wearing the bracelet just a day after I received it! I didn't really like how the pictures turned out, so I never posted them, hoping I could just re-take them. Well-that never happened, so finally, whether I like these pictures or not, I think it is time I post these bad boys and show a little thanks to EMILY for having the giveaway! Also, thanks to GlamourMe Jewels on etsy for supplying the bracelet for the giveaway! The bracelet is such nice quality, cute, affordable, and versatile. I think I may wear it tonight! Pictures:

Such bad lighting-sorry!

 Close-up shot of the bracelet! So cute, I was SOOO happy to win it!

 What I wore with it.

You know, lookin' mad because the sun is in your eyes...

These are the only pictures I have from that day. Terrible- I really don't like them, hence the delay! But I am so thankful for the giveaway : ) I never win anything so it is pretty awesome that I won a cute bracelet! My maxi dress is from Wal Mart in case you were curious-I know, they are stepping their game up! Now go on to Emily's blog [because it is one of my favorites] and go check out the GlamourMe Jewels etsy shop!

Xo, Kels


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