So Summer is Almost Over.. Sort of...

Right? To me it seems like summer is coming to an end. Maybe it is because I move into my new apartment on the 18th, or that classes start the 27th, but it seems like summer is about dunzo (Laguna Beach anyone?)-------->
Anyways. I have already started looking into "fall"-esque things. Clothing, decorations, food, makeup, etc. So in honor of my possibly too-early planning/thoughts/wants, I wanted to do a post about some of the stufffffff.

  • Something minimal. A barely there look, just fresh faced-you, but enhanced!
  •   Still natural, a little bronzer here and there, and maybe a light wash of color on the eyelids, but with a bold lip. I am really liking purple hues! 
I like the shade "14" from the above link. I think if you put a layer on, used a tissue or paper towel to dab some of the color off, and then put another LIGHT layer over top, it would not only look nice, but would also last longer because of the layering!
Mac "Captive" lipstick would also be so pretty!
Frosty beige/gold based lipsticks also are nice for fall... something like this:
Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural "N2 - Iridescent Beige"

But don't get me wrong, a great pink will still be awesome for fall-or all year around!

Definitely my go to look, hands down, will be something like this...
 I mean how classy, sophisticated, and gorgeous! I would love to rock the vest and jacket, with the tie barely peaking out! Oh, and that hat? Don't get me started! Where can I find this whole look?!

............YEAH GIRLLLLL. I am completely joking; this look is hideous to me... but I am sure someone brilliant could alter it and sort of replicate it : )

Anyways, on to something more me:

May or may not be drooling over all these...could I win the lotto for instant shopping money? Please? No? Alright. I'll just have to wait. 
Did I mention this was going to be a lengthy post? Welllllll I hope you stick around till the end!

Pumpkin Cinnamin Rolls with Caramel Frosting 
No, I am not kidding. This exists. MMMM.
Find this yummy recipe here.

Apple Cranberry Currant Crumble Pie
Apple Cranberry Currant Crumble Pie 
Uhm... imagine this with vanilla bean ice cream.
Find the recipe here.

Leftover Mashed Potato Soup 
I love anything potato so...sign me up.
Find out how to make this delcious-ness here!

Oh my... hot apple cider. My love, yum.
Did I mention I am officially turning my blog into a food blog? Well, I am not. But still, this food is enough to make me do it.
 Click me! Click me! to see how to make this : )

I have to end this post now-I not only am hungry and thirsty at this point, but I want like $25 lipstick and probably $2000 worth of fall clothes. So... stopping now. 
Feel free to leave a comment so we can TALK! Or, just let me know how hungry you are now.

xo, Kels