Falling Off Blogger-World & a Floral Dress!

Hey, remember me? Well, I still exist. I have felt really bad about not posting-no one makes me, but it's still nice to keep this baby going, right? I just haven't been feeling up to it, I have just been very upset, for personal reason. Maybe sometime I will post a little more about those reasons, but for now, I would just rather keep them to myself, but a little love from my lovely followers wouldn't hurt my feelings! Haha. I wanted to post this outfit post from lets say, the end of July (whoops). Yeah, better late than never! I might as well, since my brother so kindly took these pictures for me, and because I got the dress for a little less than $9.00...so, I think it is fine to be late!
 Sorry for all the leg-oops!

 Because everyone looks a little better with a beam of sunlight blinding them.

Oh, hey there. 

Floral Dress: Forever 21//Sandals: "Classified" brand. 

I hope you all haven't given up on me, I really do still exist! I have been commenting like crazy on other blogs and all that, I just haven't been up to posting on my own!
Lots of luvz (haha)
Xo, Kelsey