That Time I Wanted To Do A Beauty Post, & BANGS?!

Hey everybodyyy! So as the long, obnoxious title of this post suggests, I wanted to do a beauty post today. Seriously. SO. bad. I wanted to tell you all about my favorite lipstick at the moment! However, my camera doesn't care what I want to do! It's a nice camera, it takes pretty good photos, but when it comes to the colors of things-PSH. Pretty inaccurate, no matter what I try. Which bums me out, considering that is one of the things I want to post about most. So for that, I am sorry! I really want to post beauty related things, but I need a better camera so that my posts are actually worth reading : (   On another note, I need your help! This girl needs a change in her hair. I don't want to cut the length of though, and I just colored my hair recently. What's a girl to do?! Get bangs! But, I can't decide if I look better with out them. I mean I have a love hate relationship with them. Get 'em, hate 'em, wait for them to grow out...but I feel like maybe I should give them another shot. What do you all think?


When I have had bangs in the past:
^Friend from school.
(You may notice a little something different about me overflow of sorts. This was before my breast reduction-eek! More on that later, if that is of any interest!)

Eric <3
For the most part, my bangs have always been side swept, longer ones. Probably what I would go for if I got them cut! I know it's not that big of a deal, but hey, I still would like some input! Be honest guys : )

Xo, Kelsey