"The Perfect Night In"

Hey there everyone :) Today I have a very special guest post, from Catherine! She is going to give us some tips on how we can have the perfect night in! Here is her advice:

As the weather gets colder it’s time to think about getting cozy. An evening spent at home on the
sofa with the curtains drawn becomes much more appealing than going out, walking between bars
and getting wetter and colder as the night goes on.

Here are just a few essential items that will make every night in a perfect one:

Take some time out

The first thing to do to make the evening a relaxing one is to get rid of anything that might make
you stressed. Turn off your phone, log out of your email accounts and Facebook to make sure no
one can contact you and you do not have to worry about work. Put your laptop away somewhere
so you’re not tempted to start doing those little things that need to be done – they can all wait
until tomorrow.

Get comfy

A warm pair of slippers to keep your toes cozy are a must. Get out of your work clothes and into
something comfy. Even though no one can see you it’s still nice to wear something pretty, we
don't dress nicely solely for the pleasure of others after all!

Though a baggy pair of tracksuit bottoms are sometimes appealing, womens pajamas are much
more luxurious. Soft and warm, they will put you in the mood for the quiet, relaxing evening you
are treating yourself to instead of leaving you feeling like you’re just lounging about the house.
Something to nibble

Think ahead and on your way home stop at the supermarket to pick up a few of your favourite
snacks; something you wouldn't usually have. Depending on your mood, maybe have a glass of
wine or two with your meal or treat yourself to a big mug of warming tea if you fancy something

What to do

This is an evening not to waste watching bad TV. It’s the perfect time to pick up that novel or
watch that film you have been wanting to see for ages. Curled up on the sofa under a blanket with
nothing to distract or disturb you, it’s nice to have some proper time to yourself every now and

Pamper yourself, maybe soak you feet and then paint your toenails. These small things make you
feel comfortable and relaxed but there is rarely time to do them on an everyday basis – making it
highly important that you take the time to treat yourself during a night in once in a while.
I hope everyone enjoyed this post, courtesy of Catherine. 
Do you take the time out to do these things for yourself?
Xo, Kelsey