Beauty & Fashion Wishlist

Hey lovelies! I wanted to put together my "beauty & fashion wishlists" for this upcoming Christmas! I am fairly certain I won't be receiving any of these items as gifts, since I am pretty sure no one that would be buying me gifts reads this, so I am not using this as a virtual "buy me this" list haha.  I still thought it would be fun to show what I am interested in right now, and for YOU to tell me whats on your list!

Can we safely say that I must like blush and value sets? haha

On to the fashion/accessories list :)
I realize this is a bit crowded-oops. I can't help that I like it all so much! I am in love with those jeans from American Eagle. Why you ask? Because I have absolutely no light colored jeans anymore, and I should probably invest in a pair since I have so many dark colored tops, that don't look too hot with my dark denim! I am also loving that cross bracelet from GlamourMeJewels (on Etsy). It seems so perfect. *Side note-if you get on Etsy, expect to be on there for hours. I am not kidding, you are like a kid in a candy shop! So much stuff on there! I am not complaining though :)

Let me know what's on your list!
Xo, Kelsey