Oh, Just Neglect Me...

Said my blog! By December 15th I will definitely be over-running this blog with this, that, and who knows what! What is December 15th you ask? It is the day after my last final, a Saturday, and the official start to my Christmas break from classes.
 Can we all do a collective "ahhhh". I do not like exams- I do not like to sit and be under pressure taking an exam. I would much rather be applying the skills. I wish that is how it worked..instead I will be studying probably more than 500 slides of powerpoints just for Pathophysiology, and who knows how many for my nursing Fundamentals class, and Genetics. Enough of my rant. My point with this post, is that I may not be posting anything of substance until my break (all this studying is making me sound smart...hahaha), but I will be reading all of YOUR blogs and comments :) I mean, the best part of waking up, is... Folgers in my cup AND reading all the new posts in the morning! Getting up early for classes is a lot less annoying when you have blog posts to read! Look for new posts starting next Saturday :D

Oh well thank you Ryan Gosling! I believe in you too, you know, with anything you do ;)