Mustard Yellow & Maroon? Outfit!

Hellooooo cuties! Nope, not going to talk about how terrible I am at posting..let's just move on :) I have quite a throwback outfit post-like from October. I almost feel like I have already posted it, but I can't find it! So I must not have, but I hope you enjoy it even if it isn't exactly new! No worries though, I have a few recent ones to post! You will see in my new ones I did something with my hair...hmm!?

Top: Forever 21 (older)// Jeans: Urban Outfitters BDG Cigarrete Mid-Rise Jean// Boots: BearPaw Miriam Mid-Calf Winter Boot// Bracelet: Forever21 (older)// Scarf: Christmas gift years ago, I am not sure, sorry!  
I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and your new year started off in a great way! I seriously can't wait to get back into blogging like I used to be, so just hang in there guys! I should have a product review up soon, as I am LOVING a certain something lately!

P.s- How do you feel about mixing mustard and maroon? I thought it was fun. Hopefully I am not the only one thinking that!

Xo, Kelsey