Purple Smurple!

Is anyone else experiencing this cold weather along with me, and not exactly happy about it!? I know there is more upsetting things in the world, but dang! I am on my spring break and freezing the whole time was not what I expected! I managed to sneak pictures of an outfit I wore a few days ago... and by sneak I don't mean sneak at all. I don't know why I typed that, but it doesn't feel right to hit backspace [what?!]. What I really mean is that I was freezing, and I sucked it up because I adore this outfit! Since I am mainly inside all day, I didn't want to include a jacket for this post-because it honestly would of been a winter-ish coat, and really is only worn to go to and from places. Make sense? Probably not haha. I decided I wanted to work during my spring break, so luckily my boss of the past 4 years had a few days for me to make some extra money! Speaking of spring break, I am so jealous for those of you out there going on trips! I am living vicariously through your posts :) Not too much has been going on since I have been home for break, so I don't have too much to say...except IT NEEDS TO WARM UP! Mother nature, I am talking to you. Get your act together lady.

The details: Shirt: similar // Jeans: Bullhead // Shoes: similar //  Headband: similar // Just now realizing the bracelet I wore with this must have fell off: priceless. Basically this whole outfit features items that I have had for years-which is why I can't find links! Sorry for that, but I am glad to at least get use out of older items!
I leave you with this gem. That weird wing looking thing behind me? The ruffles from the back of my top, flapping in the crazy wind, and my pure amusement. haha, go ahead and laugh :)

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XO, Kelsey