Spring Showers Bring May Fl- Mayhem.

My plans to start wearing spring-y, cute, colorful clothes following my spring break were thwarted by a winter storm I shall nickname "pain-in-my-everything". Catchy title? Maybe not. But that is how I currently feel! Really, who wants any snow, let alone more than a few inches of snow when you are expecting sunshine and semi-warm air?!

Heading right for us-NO THANKS!

So anyways, I know a lot of people out there are still expecting snow at this time of the year, which is fine...but here in Ohio?! It's not that I am shocked that it's snowing, it's just that Ohio should be on bi-polar medicine because of it's weather extremes. A few weeks ago many people were wearing shorts, capris, and light jackets. It's so confusing! There hasn't been really any snow yet today, but they are calling for it all overnight, so I guess we will see...

 Moving on...I am back to my college apartment after visiting my family for Spring break. I didn't want to leave, but on the bright side, there is only about 4 weeks left before my summer vacation (not like I am counting down or anything). I worked a little during break, at the job I have had in my hometown for over 4 years, so it was nice to be a little productive during break. It's also great that my boss accommodates for his college students; he always tries to get us some hours to work whenever we are on break or are available. Besides working, I spent nearly all my time with family. If I haven't made it clear yet, I am SUCH a family girl. My idea of a good time when I go home to visit family is sitting around, talking, or just watching tv, and sipping on coffee or tea. It's the simple things.

Lately, I have been throwing around the idea of changing my blog name. I mentioned it on twitter (follow me if you don't already!), but never said anything else about it.  I love the name I currently have, and the meaning behind it, but since I haven't focused solely on "beauty related things" like I originally planned, I think it's time for a change. I have a few ideas, but I want to be sure of it before I go updating my blogger button, blog design, etc. What do you think? Time for a change or keep the current name? Opinions are welcome! I think for the rest of my night I am going to make a few pharmacology note cards to study for my final exam, and watch a little NCIS! Sounds like my weekend/break wasn't eventful, but hey, I really like the idea of doing weekend updates : ) Hope your weekend was great!

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