Blabbing and My Easter Weekend!

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With the current class I am in right now, it sort of seems ill-fitting to include that picture up there... maybe it will liven up my mood, since we are talking about death and dying with nursing. Not going to lie, it doesn't seem like anyone is paying attention (this is our final lecture of class, what?!) But, it is a sad and somber subject, although we have to know this process and what to do when a patient passes. Oh education. I wrote this post last night, but I decided to add this little addition to it before I hit publish! I had a nutrition exam yesterday, and I was holding out a small glimmer of hope that she would tell us it was a long planned April Fools joke, and that there is no exam. Good thing I studied, because it wasn't a joke haha. One very exciting part of my life is that in 3 weeks, I will be done with this year of college, and even closer to getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and being an RN. Cannot wait for that day!

I also recently picked up a few spring/summer clothing items from Kohls, and I may or may not be super stoked to wear them. I promise, they are CUTE! Also cute is all these clothes from Garage! I don't think a girl can have too many items on her want list ;) To be honest, I really should go through my closet and get rid of a lot of items; some of the stuff is from over 6 years ago...and I still wear a few of those items! I need to part with them, and maybe reward myself with these wedges. Adorable, summery, perfect.

This post is a lot of rambling going no where, but I think I like it. Since I just love to jump from one topic to another, I will give a recap of my Easter weekend, which I drove home for from college. I visited with my mom, and her side of the family, and did a little easter egg hunt with my niece and nephew on Saturday. On Sunday, I went to my dads, met up with his parents at the country club and had a brunch, then went to my stepmoms brothers house for an easter egg hunt. If I didn't already have enough food in me from brunch, I pushed it to a whole other level when we ate lunch at Applebees. It was a great weekend, and I am very thankful! Since I have about 15 blogs to catch up on, I should probably wrap this up, but before doing so, how about a small photo-dump?
 Feeling Spring-y with my denim jacket & shades // my adorable niece and nephew on Easter // Easter basket that my step-mom made up for me! // my little brother laying next to the 3 foot puzzle we put together :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter-and that you get through the week happily! Only 4 more days until the weekend (haha).
XO, Kelsey

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