Clothing for Transitioning from Winter to Spring

If you have had my states luck with weather, then you have experienced a not so smooth transition from one season to another, but hey, that's Ohio for you. It's not a big deal, but it is a little rocky for my wardrobe. One day, it is 80 degrees, and the next it is in the 40's or lower. Luckily, I have a few pieces that I know I can rely on for the awkward transition, ups & downs with temperature, or the days that I wake up to 40 degree weather and end the day in the 70's. These are just a few suggestions I have (and I am sure you are all aware of them) but I have a little post for you nonetheless! Also, it is officially finals week here, so this will be my last post until next Thursday or Friday, but you know I will be reading blogs in my free time!

1) Dresses with tights: I think a few of you might have guessed this was going to be on my list, as I did an outfit post with a summer dress and patterned tights recently! Not only can you get a little wear out of a piece you may not have been able to wear until summer, but you also can stay warm! I love that the tights I wore were patterned, and they are actually pretty warm. Plus, tights come in so many colors these days, so you can definitely be creative. I am actually a little shocked at all the colors offered creative ladies!

2) Light jackets: Again, we can look back at an outfit post, with the denim jacket here. Also, my faux leather jacket below.
Very obvious that you could wear a jacket, but these are just a few things I do to deal with the crazy temperature changes! I adore pairing dressy tank tops or tops with frills/texture with me, it's so cute! Also, I really love cropped jackets, which are even more helpful in the transition, but I will settle for my faux leather one above!

3) Leggings and jeggings: You can bet that I sport both of these, why wouldn't I? First, lets talk about the wonderful world of jeggings. They are comfortable (win), stretchy (walking up hills has never been easier) and look good rolled up (YES). Lately if I am wearing my jeggings, then they are most likely rolled up to a little past my ankle, and cuffed. It's cute, and it's like "hey, I know it's getting warmer, but I am not wearing shorts/capris yet". Bringing in springy outfits without the commitment (I hate being the only person in class with shorts or capris on, and everyone else is wearing jeans/parka-so this is a safe look for me hahah). Next, we have leggings. Another wonderful comfy-girl invention. Wanna wear a dress and make it edgy or cute? Get some cute leggings to keep your gams warm. Or, wear a tunic and leggings, which may not be office appropriate, but if you have errands to run and classes to get to, it works PERFECTLY and it's comfortable!

I used to have a pair of liquid leggings and I was in love with them. So simple but edgy!

4) Layering: Obvious, but hey, a girl wants to write a post here! Want to learn the best layering tricks? You should check out Emily from The Sweetest Thing (tell her I said hello if you visit her!) Not only is she gorgeous, but I can't even begin to tell you how awesome she is at layering. I promise, give her blog a look and you will know exactly what I mean! If you are a fashionista like her, I am sure you could wear a few different layers, that would work alone if you got hot and wanted to ditch a few layers! Here is a little visual, although it is not Emily! :)

I know this isn't life-changing information here, but these are really staples in my wardrobe, especially for the winter to spring transition. Plus, if you have ever sat back at your desk, and thought, "I wonder what Kelsey from Beauty without Limits would wear on a day like this, since she is always complaining about Ohio weather" then here you go {although that is highly unlikely that you would consider that thought} :) As I write this I keep glancing at the collage up there with the pink sweater...and I want it. Talk about distraction! haha. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and let's all be hopeful that I do well on all my final exams, and last day of clinicals for this semester! What is your favorite ways to dress for transitioning into spring? Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey