Rock Your Hair by Michael O' Rourke Hair Products

Hey ladies! (and gents?) I have a fun little review for you! About a month ago, I was asked if I would like to give the "Rock Your Hair" line a try, which is a hair product line by Michael O'Rourke. Since I am someone that needs to know all the details, I looked into who exactly this Michael person was. A few things I learned:

1) He is a celebrity hairstylist
2) He also created the well-known "Sexy Hair" line (wait, what?)
3) He was recently given the NAHA (North American Hairdressing Awards) lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the professional beauty industry over the last 50 years.
4) A portion of all Rock Your Hair sales go towards supporting shelters for abused and battered women and helping them to start their lives again. (Well, you won me over. Love when companies try to make a difference).

Okay, after learning those three things I would be silly not to give something a try (literally nothing to lose). I emailed back and said I would like to try it out, and possibly review it. Here we are a month later, and I think I have tried the products for long enough to get a feel of how they really work! Below I will give a rundown of the full what I think about the products I got to try (for free-but I am not being compensated for this! Heck, they probably think I forget all about them because I waited so long to do this!)

I believe the shampoo and conditioner are sample sizes, while the rest are full size! Also, the packaging is a bit more pink; my lighting was off in this!

Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump: This product description is: "Aerosol Spray Mousse that creates volume from the root without weighing down ends. Humidity resistant formula that protects against dry & brittle hair". My take?

-Smells amazing. For me, I didn't think all the products in the line smell the same, but I don't know if they are even supposed to. In my opinion, this almost has a fresh cucumber scent, which I love! I have pretty fine hair, and I think this did a nice job adding a little extra volume. I did not blow dry my hair while using this though, but I did have my hair pulled up so my roots would have a chance to not dry flat. The volume I did get doing this seemed to hold pretty well.

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray: The product description for this: "#1 AWARD WINNER! Customer Top Rated! Get Bigger, Thicker, Fuller Hair! Fast Drying formula locks in volume and keeps humidity out. Firm, flexible, workable hold with long lasting memory that adds instant shine.
No flaking or stiffness".
My take? -Definitely makes your hair shiny, I would totally agree with this. The holding power is great, and I didn't have problems with flaking or stiffness. However, it wasn't a "soft to touch" feeling either...if you are used to that in your product, you may have to get used to this. Not crunchy by any means, but if I were to run my fingers through my hair, I would know it is there. I used it for holding my "beachy" (which were still nice and beachy at the end of the day) as well as for spraying down annoying flyaways when my hair was pulled back.

Bombshell Big Hair Powder: The product description: "Get Bigger, Thicker, Fuller Hair! Backcomb In A Bottle with a Rockin' Fragrance. Explode lifeless hair, instant lift and volume. Lightweight formula, thickens hair. Talc & Micah based powder that liquefies to provide boost, shine and texture". My take?
-No idea who came up with the volume powder, but hey, it works. I am not one to tease or backcomb my hair, because I don't want to cause too much damage. If you are like me, then a product like this is nice! I found that it still added volume without backcombing, so I am almost positive that you would get amazing volume if you did tease your hair. I applied this directly to my roots, and sort of rubbed it in and then used my fingers to push my roots up. I also applied it to my hands/fingertips and massaged it in that way, and found that both techniques work. It is a really fine powder, almost silky in texture. Whoever was the first person to come up with this sort of product. you are awesome.

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner: The product description for the shampoo: "Fine, Flat, Thin, Limp Hair? Call Me!!! Provides luxurious volume without depleting moisture or fading color.
Vitamin enriched for strength and ultimate shine. Sulfate and Paraben Free formula is safe for all hair types".
Conditioner: "Weightless Conditioner that delivers maximum body, volume, and lift.
Sulfate and Paraben Free, Color Safe formula. Great for all Hair Types that need conditioning without the added weight".
My Take?
-Love! Give this a try ladies! Points for making it paraben and sulfate free! The scent that I am picking up for these is fresh/floral, and I think that is pretty accurate. To be honest, at first I didn't know if I would like this. It seemed to lather up differently than I was used to, but thinking back, I have had the same issue with other sulfate free shampoos (anyone have information about this?!) The second time I used this, I lathered the shampoo in my hands first, making sure to spread it out, then I worked it into my hair. I have really oily roots, that seem to get oily in hours. I do think the shampoo sort of staved off the oil for longer than normal. My hairstylist did tell me that volumizing shampoos would be more likely to do that. Long story short? This is good for oily haired ladies, or those that don't want your roots to be weighed down with heavy products.

Miracle Leave in Conditioner: The product description states: "Rock your best hair yet -Shinier, stronger, healthier hair -Soy, wheat and oat proteins to reinforce hair from shaft to ends -Replenishes moisture and shine to dry, color treated and chemically processed hair -Tangle tamer for all hair types". My take?
-Seems to do well at moisturizing hair, as well as detangling and adding shine. I can't say I noticed stronger hair, but it would not be fair for me to tell you one thing or another concerning that part of the description because I did not always use this leave in conditioner consistently. You will see below the outcome of using the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner! Also, the scent on this is a bit stronger than the rest of the products.

After using the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner. I let my hair air-dry, and this is the outcome. 

Those are after straightening my hair. I used flash with the right picture. Definitely shiny and soft! Judge don't judge my face-making in the right picture...I obviously don't know how to take a picture!

I would recommend this line to anyone, especially those who want some extra volume, or have oilier hair. I didn't have any problems with any skin reactions, product build up, or anything like that. I do think this is a good brand, and would say that if you like the Sexy Hair brand, then I know you will like this! It has about the same price point, so if you are willing to pay for the salon brands, this would be a good match for you! The packaging is cute, the sizes are nice, and the results are great, so thank you Rock Your Hair for letting me try this out!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey