We're Going Through Changesssss

Hey there. So as everyone has probably already heard, Google Reader will be no more on July 1st. What this means I am not completely sure; but I do know that you should back-up your reading list by another method so you can keep your blogs straight! I don't know if Google Friend Connect will go away with Google Reader, but I  know that most people follow me via GFC. I have always had Bloglovin' as an option to follow my blog, and I highly suggest it! (Click here to follow me). It keeps your subscriptions really "neat" and "tidy". I also have the option available to follow via email. If you would like, you can always follow along with me on twitter, as I almost always link my newest post there! These are just a few options, but hopefully those that enjoy my blog will stick around! Don't be afraid to link your blogs below also! Do you have a favorite way to follow blogs? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey