Sometimes Simple is Better [Outfit]

Guess who's back? Back from vacation-and I already miss it! I will be putting together a vacation recap soon so I can look back on it later, so if you like those kinds of posts, be sure to keep checking for it! Anyways, while on vacation I planned on doing a few different outfit posts, but with the near daily rain, lack of "big" plans, and just being lazy, I didn't do it! I did come back with one set of outfit pictures, and I have to tell you now that it isn't anything spectacular...oops. Bigger oops is that I left all my jewelry at home, so I had none on vacation, hence the reason this outfit may be a bit boring. Either way, I love this dress and it was perfect for going out to dinner with my family after being at the beach during the day!

Love the tie back! I may or may not have tied this like a two year!
If anyone wants to take me back to Florida, be my guest! :)

Outfit details: Dress: American Eagle (similar-I don't know why this one isn't on their site!) // Sandals: Walmart  (similar)

Most simple outfit ever. Even if I had all my jewelry with me, I probably would of kept it almost as simple as this!

A little preview from my instagram of what I have been up to :)

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Xo, Kelsey

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