It Begins Again: Coffee, Books, and Studying

Sunday, August 25, 2013

College classes resume tomorrow...and I can't say I am too excited for this semester. If you didn't guess by the title, that is what this post is about. I am far too certain that I will spend countless hours studying, looking through books, preparing care plans for patients, and downing bottomless mugs of coffee to make it through the year. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited and lucky to be in the nursing program at my college- it just becomes so stressful, so much, and it is a very rocky time trying to balance school, friends, family, and a social life. Oh, and of course this blog. I kept up decently well last year with this blog, but I can't promise I will be super regular with posts! I do however always keep up with reading my favorite blogs, so feel free to share your link below so I can have a little non-studying reading material :) Also, if you are a nurse, or studying to become one, I would love to hear from you! Sometimes finding others I can relate to makes things a lot easier! Now, I am off to do an assignment that is due Tuesday, so I better check that off my list!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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