Lets Talk About Stripes, Baby! [outfit]

A little birdie told me that fall is just around the corner. Am I ready? Duh! That is like asking me if I love chocolate! I will miss being able to just lay in the sun with a book, but lets be real, I only did that once or twice anyways. I am all about boots, layers, and scarves, so I am pretty excited for fall to roll around. With all that being said, I would say this is probably one of the last semi-summery outfit posts I will be doing! I am pretty sure that this post includes two items I will be wearing completely out this fall-the striped top and my new Sperry's. I never thought I would be a Sperry girl, but a few weeks ago I went to the mall with a friend, and I spotted these bad boys. I thought, "I will just try them on, it's not like I have ever even gave them a chance..." well less than 5 minutes later I was making the purchase. I don't get it. I didn't even think I liked Sperry's, but then I put them on and my fashion heart melted a little. So that's the explanation behind that purchase. The top was also a new purchase, and had the other top I spotted not been so expensive, I am sure I would be featuring that on here too! I also couldn't decide if I wanted to wear my sandals or my Sperry's with this outfit, and honestly, I like both. This would be a situation where I may walk to class in sandals, finish class, then change shoes for my next class. If you are thinking I am a terrible decision maker, you are so right. Don't hate me for the picture heavy post, again, I just am horrible at choosing!

All about the details.
The switch.
My excitement is actually real...I think I like these shoes!
Top: Jcrew // Shorts: Wallflower (Kohls) // Necklace: Forever 21, old // Earrings: They were a gift! // Sandals: Walmart (similar) // Sperry's: Nordstrom //

What is your opinion? Sperry's or the sandals?

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XO, Kelsey