Leather and Gold [What I Wore]

I haven't posted many outfit posts lately, buuuuuut I have an excuse! I don't have someone to take outfit pictures for me! Usually my photography-loving uncle takes my pictures, but he lives in my hometown, about 2 hours away. Today, one of my besties, Allison, volunteered to be a doll and take some quick shots for me! So thanks girl! I have been obsessed with reds, purples, burgundy, plums, etc all season so far...which means it is no surprise that I pull this outfit out of my closet! I adore this top, and the details on it! Some of the buttons are skulls... adorable right?! I also like the shade of the top with the gold detailing-and speaking of gold, do you have a preference for wearing silver or gold? They say that people tend to look better in one rather than the other, but I am indifferent about it. Thoughts?

Faux Leather Jacket: Love Culture // Top: c/o Persunmall // Jeans: Bullhead Denim (Pacsun)// Booties: Mossimo (Target)// Earrings: World Market // Knuckle Rings: Landora (Aldo)

 What are your favorite colors of the season?

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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  1. Your hair is GORGEOUS! Ever since I got married I stopped doing fashion posts pretty much altogether. My friends used to take them but noww I'm 2 hours from them... so I feel for ya!

    1. Thanks girly! I actually have been kicking myself recently because I cut my long hair off over the summer...so I am glad you think it looks gorgeous haha! It is always fun to put together a fashion post here and there-convince your hubby to take some pictures for you! Or, set a timer on your camera! It isn't exactly as easy as having a friend do it, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do! :)

  2. You look ADORABLE!!!!!<3 That jacket is to-die-for!

  3. You look great in this look.

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    Happy Friday!


    1. Thank you! I will be sure to check out your giveaway!

  4. I love your whole outfit really cute!!!!


  5. I used to prefer silver, but now I like the warmth of gold. I like both though, and sometimes I wear them together. Why not, right? :)


    1. Why not! A lot of clothing is coming out with details featuring both colors together! I think it is cute!

  6. Loving those booties! Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got. We're taking a holiday tomorrow, but hope to see you back next week!

    Penniless Socialite
    November Group Giveaway!

  7. I like both though, and sometimes I wear them together. Why not, right? :)


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