Being a Nursing Student

Helloooo everyone! It has been awhile! I wanted to write a post [quickly] because a few things have been on my mind lately pertaining to this here blog...I have wanted to write this post for 6 days now, and now I finally have time! For one, I love it. I absolutely ADORE writing posts, coming up with outfits to show and keep record of, and having oppertunities presented to me that I wouldn't have if I didn't blog. However-this semester of nursing school already is just throwing so much at me. Not many classes, but I have an Obstetrics class that is a whole semester of information-given in half a semester-so that the other half of the semester I can take a pediatrics class. The clinical rotation I am in right now is also OB; I get to work with mother and newborn on my clinical days. If anyone knows me, they know I love babies...I have always wanted to work with babies, so my heart is especially set on this clinical and classes. I always put my best effort into classes anyways, but I just feel the need to absorb everything I can in these next few weeks since I may choose this area in nursing once I graduate. All of that means that I have a little less time to blog, which I feel is fine; it is my blog and no one is making me write!  I just have this thing where I don't ever want to feel forced to blog because what fun is there in that? As soon as I feel I HAVE to get a post up, blogging will no longer interest me, as I started this as something fun, as a way to talk about my interests that have nothing to do with school or studying :) Basically, I just wanted to let anyone who frequents my blog know that I am still here, still want to blog, and still hope you swing by whenever a new post comes up! I also wanted to ask if anyone is a nurse or nursing student that reads this blog?! I know a few people are, as you have commented before, but I would love to talk back and forth with you! If anyone wants a quick response, email me at
 Grainy pictures for the win! This is real excitement guys! <3

Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey

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