Makeup Talk: Mac Sheertone Blush in "Breezy" Review

MAC [powder] blushes are amazing. I am just going to say it-put it out there now and let you know that I adore them! Granted, I haven't used a blush from each  type of finish they have (frost, matte, satin, sheertone, and sheertone shimmer) but I have tried my fair share. I also have not tried their cream blushes, but that's a different story. I wanted to do a fairly quick review on a specific blush I have been using nonstop for the past 4.5+ months; as soon as fall hit I gave myself the green light to add it into my makeup routine!

 The shade I want to talk about is "Breezy", which like the title of this post says, is a sheertone finish. Since it is berry toned I feel it will best suit my skin in the fall and winter months, which explains why it has only been absent from my cheeks only a handful of times!

Application: As it is a sheertone blush, you can lightly layer it to get the look you want-but don't let the word sheer fool is pretty pigmented! It goes on smoothly to my skin, and with the light hand I use, gives a really pretty wash of color to my cheeks! The finish on my skin is like a healthy glow, even with my combination/oily skin, I find it to be very flattering.

Top is more of a heavy swatch; bottom is very lightly swatched.

Wear time: I find this to be extremely long-wearing. If I apply it in the morning, it still looks nice by the end of the day. I don't notice it to get splotchy when it does begin to wear off, which would probably be around 10+ hours.

Wearing "Breezy"; applied lightly! Also don't judge me for the Christmas tree behind me, hah. This was taken back in December! 
-Long wearing
-Easily layered
-One compact will last you a LONG time (no joke!)
-Has never broke me out

-The price ($21.00 USD). I really find that it is worth that price however. I have had another blush by MAC for 3+ years, and I haven't even hit pan because they are so pigmented (and I rotate my blush use!) It might expire before I can finish it. The struggle.
-You may become obsessed with this shade and then any of your other blushes you thought you liked will be left behind, not used, and they will have a pity party full of jealousy until you start using them again. True story

You can buy this blush HERE

What is your favorite blush at the moment?

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey  

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