Exciting News and Chambray Casual Outfit

Exciting news! Yesterday marks the day I officially ended my junior year of college and became a senior! I don't know how time has flown by so quickly-it seems like just yesterday I was moving into a dorm, and then my own apartment, and starting clinical rotations at local hospitals. It is so exciting that I am that much closer to getting my Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing and starting a career I will love! With the semester coming to an end, I have obviously been so absent from this blog, but I am hoping that will change! I have been relying on infrequent outfit posts because they are just so easy to do, but I do have makeup reviews coming your way! Speaking of reviews, what type of reviews do you like? Skincare, hair products, makeup? I would love input! Also, what would you like to see more of on this blog? I'm so interested to know! Before I show my most recent outfit pictures, I want to give a belated birthday shout out to my favorites, my friend Amanda! She turned 21 on Monday! That is such an exciting time! We went for a few margaritas with some other friends, and she continued the night without me as I needed to study for a final...wah wah. Today we are going to go out to dinner with her mom for her birthday and I can't wait! Since exams are over and I am done with classes for the semester, I think that calls for a little extra celebration...I am sure I will be meeting up with friends for some drinks this week! Overall, this week should be pretty awesome!

I know I know...My style is so casual! I like to be comfortable! When you only have classes to go to, exams to study for, and clinical to show up to, there really isn't cause for getting really dressy! I feel like the only thing this look is missing is a cute baseball hat, haha.

Outfit Details: Chambray top: American Eagle // Striped Tee: Hollister, very old // Leggings: Target // Shoes: Vans // Necklace: Forever 21 (similar) //

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey

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