Life Lessons/What I've Learned

Well hello! I hope everyone has had a good start to their weekend! I was off work today so I got a little break between my 12.5 hour shifts-but I work tomorrow and Sunday! I really can't decide if I like working three straight 12.5 hour shifts and then having the rest of the week off or working a day here and there throughout the week...I might have to side more with getting it all out of the way and then being off for four days in a row :) I mean come on! It's a mini vacay, right? Today I was thinking of a random list of things I've learned in the past few weeks and months, and in general, the past year! It's not a really serious list of things buuuuuuut a girl wants to right about it so I'm going to!

(In no particular order)
1. Packing and cleaning should be started at least a week or two before you have to be out of your apartment. Not two days before.
2. Frozen yogurt is always a good idea. ALWAYS.
3. Cases are a must for your phone. You know, unless you like the look of a completely shattered screen that you have to deal with for a month until your update.
4. Said updates are the BEST. Glory hallelujah!
5. Find a group of people you can trust and be yourself around. Fun will follow.
6. Going to the doctor all the time is not enjoyable. It actually kind of ruins your day.
7. A certain someone could brighten your nearly ruined day.
8. Having a blog is HARD work. Unless you're being paid and for some reason have to blog regularly, don't push yourself to blog about stuff just because you feel you have to...generic or forced posts aren't fun!
9. Blogging because you want to is exciting and you get to make pointless lists (that people may or may not care to read).
10. Holding on to clothes from years ago because you think you may need them "one day" is not a smart move...especially when you're trying to move out of your apartment.

Now that I got all those important lessons off my chest, I leave you with a picture of my beloved Fro-Yo. Be still my heart.
 Taken from my instagram (@kelseylenayy). Follow here!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey