Makeup Talk // Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo Review

Hey lovelies! Today I have another beauty review for you-this time, featuring just one product, from Mineral Fusion Mineral Makeup! A few weeks ago I was browsing Health Foods Unlimited (they have everything-food, beauty and skincare, household items, etc) and found the beauty section (shocker, I know). I decided to purchase the Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo in the shade "warm". Since trying to clean up my skincare and beauty products, I have yet to find a concealer that even comes close to covering my dark under eye circles. In the past, I have written about how I cover my circles, but the products are in no way non-toxic or natural. You can find that post here.
This concealer duo comes with one light and one dark shade. I sometimes use the lighter shade for a brightening effect, and then layer the darker shade over it. Or I mix the two and apply at the same time.
Natural lighting.
  With flash.
  •  Shade selection: There are 4 shades of duos to choose from; cool, neutral, warm, and deep. I have the shade "warm" and find the lighter shade in the duo to be too light/bright for wearing alone. As stated before, I do not wear it alone, so this is not an issue for me. According to the website, you are supposed to use the duo to create your perfect, custom shade. I would give the selection of shades a 8/10. I feel most people could customize the shade to work for them!
  • Coverage: This is a medium to high/full coverage concealer. Most days, I just use this alone. Some days, I do use another concealer on top of it (liquid, and unfortunately made with toxic ingredients-I can't find a replacement for it!) Even though this is great coverage, I like using the other concealer to "set it" so to speak. It's probably not necessary! 9/10 coverage wise!
  • Application: This goes on sooo smoothly. It does get a bit melted if it gets too warm, but when at room temperature, it is perfect. It feels just like any other cream product. 10/10 on application!
  • Wear time: This wears amazingly! Lately I have worked so much; always sweating, working long hours, and rubbing at my sensitive eyes. I give the wear time a 9/10. It looks good when I put it on, and when I get home it still looks awesome after 6+ hours.
  • Overall product: 9/10. Great for someone with dark under eye circles and perfect for covering up blemishes. Not sure I will find another natural concealer I love more than this! However, I would love your suggestions if you have any!
See the difference?!
I hope you find this post helpful! Check out Mineral Fusion's Website to look into more of their products here! If you want to learn more about them, go here!

Thank you for reading,
XO, Kelsey

*This product was purchased by me with my own dolla dolla bills ya'll. Mineral Fusion did not encourage me to post anything regarding this product, nor do they know this blog even exists (probably, but it would be cool if they did!) All opinions are 100% mine and honest! 
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